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Taken by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Neon Hawks MC)

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Taken by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Neon Hawks MC)

Duração: 46 páginas45 minutos


Given a choice between a soft sonata or a hard rock head-banging tune, Alicia Davenport never thought she'd pick the latter. But that was before she met Charlie Grieg.

Alicia Davenport's life has taken a sudden turn for the worse, her life dream to be a concert pianist is shattered by unexpected events in her life. Now she has taken a gig as a regular entertainer at a motorcycle clubhouse, the last place the classically trained pianist ever imagined herself to perform.

But life is determined to throw one challenge after another at Alicia and the biggest challenge of her life comes in the form of Charlie Grieg--the President elect of the Neon Hawks Motorcycle Club. In spite of his tattered leather and bawdy tattoos, Charlie is ever the gentleman to Alicia and she finds herself drawn to him. But there's something about Charlie, something that makes Alicia wonder just what other mysteries the handsome biker is keeping to himself.

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