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Scarred by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Iron Soldiers MC)

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Scarred by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Iron Soldiers MC)

Duração: 35 páginas38 minutos


Vance Alvarez was the kind of man who knew what he wanted.

Raised in a trailer park by an alcoholic mother, Vance learned early on that if he needed something, he would have to get it for himself. Fighting to take control of his life, he fell in with the boys of the Iron Soldiers MC, and then kept fighting to become the youngest president in club history.

Mimi Parker knew she was flighty.

Mimi was kind but could never remain rooted in the same place for more than a few months at a time. On the road again, she stops at a restaurant in a quiet, sleepy biker town, and decides to call the place home for the next few weeks.

He knows he has to have her

There's something about Mimi that draws Vance in and he's determined to have her. And although Mimi is both intrigued and intimidated, she can’t find it in herself to say no to Vance. From there blossoms a passionate affair moving at the speed of light. But Mimi knows she’ll never settle down, and that’s exactly what Vance wants from her. As the urge to flee grows stronger, Mimi must decide if it’s time to run again, or if Vance is what she has been looking for all along.

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