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Broken by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Ryswell Brothers MC)

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Broken by the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Ryswell Brothers MC)

Duração: 39 páginas29 minutos


Christie Monroe is caught between two choices and only way out is a ride straight through hell…

“Promise me, Zed…” Those were the last words Christie Monroe said to Zed Barlow when she left him six years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a federal agent. Six years later, Christie Monroe is an ATF agent following a trail of guns through northern Nevada when she is stopped by the notorious Ryswell Brothers MC. Christie has investigated enough cases to know what happens to captured ATF agents in the hands of this club...

... until she sees Zed Barlow once again. In the six years they've been apart, Christie never forgot him. One look and she sees the recognition behind Zed’s eyes, the fire that has nearly smoldered to a ruin, and the spark that could re-ignite everything once again.

But the shy boy she knew is gone, and in his place stands the hardened president of the Ryswell Brothers. Suddenly, a kiss shared under the starry skies and a promise made six years ago surface returns to haunt her and Christie must find out where her allegiance truly lies: with her heart or with her duty.

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