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A Biker’s Needs: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Vikings MC)

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A Biker’s Needs: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Vikings MC)

Duração: 41 páginas32 minutos


Only the baddest of the bad enter the Viking's Biker Bar and Helen Hall has just stepped up to the mike…

Known as 'Hell' to her friends, Helen is the lead singer of the Harpies, a local rock outfit known for their aggressive shows and no bullshit attitude. With no one daring to book the out of control rockers, Hell takes a gig at the renowned biker bar, even against the misgivings of her fellow band members.

But when she meets the devastatingly sexy owner of the bar, Lee Evans, she thinks her band mates may have been right.

Smooth, quick and with an alarming ability to disarm the usually unflappable rock chick, Lee manages to make her feel things she swore she would never let anyone make her feel. The music was all she cared about, it was everything to her and she had no room for anything else in her heart, she told herself, not even for the smirking face behind the bar.

At least, that's what she keeps telling herself.

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