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A Biker’s Trust: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Black Rose MC)

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A Biker’s Trust: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Black Rose MC)

Duração: 48 páginas38 minutos


A chance discovery has Zoe Davis caught in a world she never thought she'd ever be in.

Zoe Davis had just gone into the backyard to let the dog out for the morning, not expecting to find a half-dead man beneath her children's jungle gym.

She doesn't know what stops her from calling the police, but beneath his biker leathers and the dried blood, the single mother thinks she can see a man on the verge of giving up. Sending her children to stay with their grandmother for a few days she gives over her home to looking after the mysterious and handsome young man.

She gets nothing out of him at first but his name, Mason, and the fact that his club members want him dead. But over time he opens up to the kind, beautiful woman who took him in, telling her his regrets and pleading with her to not get involved. But Zoe won't let him go, not until he's well enough to take care of himself. She's been lonely for so long it's nice to have a man in her home to make her smile and to look after.

But will she regret her decision when the fury of the local bikers descends upon her small neighbourhood?

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