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A Biker’s Baby: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (O'Halloran MC)

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A Biker’s Baby: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (O'Halloran MC)

Duração: 34 páginas29 minutos


Lydia has heard of long distance romances before but a romance in transit? That's a new one.

High in the hills of Montana there isn't much work for an orphaned rancher's daughter and working the small diner in town is all the sheltered young woman has. Until the day Mickey O'Halloran and his boys ride into town. They shatter they idyllic peace of the neighborhood with their roaring motorcycles and clutter up the small diner with their brawny bodies clad in dirty denim and leathers. Mickey, takes a shine to a shy and slightly scared Lydia. But his playful manner and gentle giant persona soon put her at ease and when he promises to see her again she hardly dares hope.

But soon enough he is making regular trips through town, always stopping to see his favorite waitress and soon the townspeople begin to talk. Lydia is torn between the life she knows is respectable and the man who has made her feel things she never has before.

The next time he rides through will she be forced to tell him goodbye...or go with him?

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