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Riding with the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Fire Devils MC)

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Riding with the Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Fire Devils MC)

Duração: 55 páginas30 minutos


Manny Decker tries not to take life too seriously.

Finding his place in the Fire Devils MC, he’s content to float through life drinking, partying, and hanging with his brothers. He takes his women as they come, and lets them go in the morning, never looking for a longer commitment. In fact, just the word commitment makes his palms get sweaty and his heart start to race. The only promises he makes are to his brothers--to always have their backs.

Annie Rodriguez doesn’t know how to relax.

Taking care of a father who is losing his mind and cleaning up her grown brother’s messes while simultaneously trying to keep her small business from going under, Annie hasn’t had a night to herself in a long time. When her best friend forces her out of the house for a night of drinking, she grudgingly agrees, and catches the eye of Manny Decker.

She’s the best he’s ever had. As the two go head to head in a battle for their hearts, they’ll either both strike out, or win more than they ever dared to want.

Waking up with Annie in his bed the next day, Manny feels something strange. No need to run, no urge to kick her out, just a peacefulness at having this beautiful woman next to him. Unfortunately, that peace is destroyed when Annie wakes up, realizes where she is, and takes off faster than Manny can blink. Manny can’t forget about the gorgeous redhead who rocked his world, and for the first time in his life, he wants more. But Annie’s will is made of steel, and she’s determined not to let him in, even as she admits to herself that she wants more too.

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