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A Biker’s Love: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (417 MC)

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A Biker’s Love: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (417 MC)

Duração: 33 páginas34 minutos


They stopped looking for Shane Perry fifteen years ago.

They did all they could do; filed reports, dragged the lake, and finally presumed him dead. The high school football field lit up with candlelight at his memorial, and mourners gathered to gaze at his glossy image: youthful and tall with a heart melting grin.

Bikes and bikers are all Maggie Rice has ever known.

She was riding before she could walk and switching out clutch plates by junior high. She was a quirky, fiery haired tomboy and it was her dream to ride with the 417s. Formerly her father’s crew, they all had a hand in raising her after his passing. Now that she ran her own garage, it seemed her chance had arrived at last.

When the ghost of Shane Perry rides into town, he threatens to spoil it all.

The day of her initiation into the 417s, Shane waltzed back into town as if he’d only been gone the weekend, and his first order of business was to crush her chance at happiness. No woman was going to ride in Shane Perry’s gang, not ever, and certainly not his closest childhood friend.

Maggie doesn’t believe for one second his arrival is coincidental.

Is it possible to hate and love a man at the same time? Where has Shane been all those years and why is he back? And when the hell did he get so damned gorgeous?

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