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A Biker’s Lies: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Pitch Wheels MC)

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A Biker’s Lies: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Pitch Wheels MC)

Duração: 43 páginas35 minutos


Rosie McCormack has always known the type of man she wanted.

Determined to hold out for the man she sees every night in her dreams, she’s turned down more dates than she could count. She's almost ready to give up, and to settle down with the next best thing she can find.

Oscar Kincade was sick of not being good enough.

After his wife left him for being, in her eyes, unwilling to change, Oscar is raising his son Danny on his own, with only his brothers in the Pitch Wheels MC there for support. The brotherhood was the only place he felt he belonged, and besides Danny, who thought he was a superhero, they were the only ones who accepted him as he was and didn’t expect him to change a damn thing.

She’s the best he’s ever had.

When Oscar walks into Rosie's classroom where she teaches his son, she knows he’s the one she has been waiting for. Oscar doesn’t know why he’s so affected by the innocent-looking woman who’s sexier than anyone he’s ever seen, but he has to have her.

She’ll discover that dreams don’t always give you what you want, but what you need instead.

Their relationship explodes with passion, the likes of which Rosie never imagined, and she finds herself falling hard for the man who lights her on fire with just a touch. But Oscar hold’s himself back, afraid she wants to change him, like every woman before her has tried to do, and as Rosie’s dream turns into a darker reality than she ever expected, she’ll have to decide if it’s what she truly wants.

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