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Author Straight Talk

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Author Straight Talk

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For anyone who has ever thought about writing a book but suffered from fear of failure, felt intimidated by the process, or didn't understand the role of agents, rights and marketing, comes Author Straight Talk, an insider's look at the business of authoring.

Answering 185 questions, acclaimed author Sarah Gerdes sheds light on ten core aspects of being an author. With her brutally honest style, Gerdes holds nothing back as she lifts the veil on how to get your manuscript accepted, where the most money is made, how to manage writing on a daily basis, and ways to increase the sales of your book. Readers are also introduced to Gerdes' proven success strategies for writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and selling your book. The money she's earned, along with the mistakes she made, are detailed, but so are the best tips she's learned for being successful in both mainstream and independent publishing.

This book is the fulfillment of the promise I made twenty years ago. If I ever achieved success, I was going to share it with others. Author Straight Talk is the book I wish I'd had to help me along the way. I might not have always listened, but at least I would have known what to consider and think about before  making the best decision possible.  –Sarah Gerdes

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