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Swift iOS Programming for Kids

Swift iOS Programming for Kids

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Swift iOS Programming for Kids

436 página
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Lançado em:
Mar 22, 2017


About This Book
  • Children can express their creativity while learning through interactive Swift Playgrounds
  • Empower children to think critically about problems
  • Learning programming basics can help children gain confidence in problem solving
  • Help children put their imagination into action building their first iOS app
Who This Book Is For

Children who are curious about the technology we use in our daily lives and want to know how it works can use this book to learn about programming and building their first iOS app. No prior programming experience is necessary.

Lançado em:
Mar 22, 2017

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Swift iOS Programming for Kids - Steffen D. Sommer

Table of Contents

Swift iOS Programming for Kids


About the Authors

About the Reviewer


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What this book covers

What you need for this book

Who this book is for


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1. What is Programming?

The Swift programming language

Why is programming important?

What you will learn from this book


2. Getting Set Up


Downloading Xcode



3. Say Hello

What is a console application?

Setting up our first Xcode playground

Creating the playground

Saving our playground

Removing what is unnecessary

A quick look at the Xcode interface

Creating our program

A quick look at Xcode errors

Xcode and autocompletion


4. Favorite Things

Variables and constants




5. Factories

String and Int



6. Making Pizza

How the iPhone runs our program

A simple program without functions

What is a function?

A function can receive some input

A function can be pure

A function can return something

A look at functions in Swift

Making our own function


7. Toy Bin

Collection types





8. Smarter Toy Bin


 Learning the for-in loop


Learning for-loops and if-statements

Append method

Find the buttercup


9. Making Some Friends


Modeling real-world objects

Modeling a mug

Modeling a person

Our first class

Instance properties

Instance methods

Making objects interact with each other

Adding more classes to the mix


10. Pokémon Battle

Pokémon type

Initializer syntax

Functions and types

Charizard versus pikachu

Hug function


11. Simon Says


Laying out a view

Setting up a new iOS project

Xcode's Interface Builder and storyboards

Simon says

Designing the interface


12. Starry Night

A deep dive into UI in iOS

The view hierarchy

Frames and bounds

Auto Layout

The UIViewController life cycle

Starry Night

Designing the UI

Adding functionality to our interface


13. Space Pizza Delivery

Space Pizza



Switch statement


Type property

Space junk

Pizza service

Property observers

Storyboard and view controller

Hooking everything up

Space junk buttons

Updating the cost


14. Movie Night - iOS App

How to create a list

The data source

The delegate


Our final application: Movie Night

The interface

Displaying items in our list

Dynamically adding items to our list

Deleting items from our list

Persisting our movies

Deploying our application to our iPhone


Swift iOS Programming for Kids

Swift iOS Programming for Kids

Copyright © 2017 Packt Publishing

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First published: March 2017

Production reference: 1170317

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.

Livery Place

35 Livery Street


B32PB, UK.

ISBN 978-1-78712-074-7



About the Authors

Since Swift was announced at WWDC, Steffen D. Sommer has had a passionate interest in the programming language. He's currently working as a lead Vapor developer at a company called Nodes in Copenhagen, where he focuses on developing backend systems using Swift.

In his spare time, he helps organize the local iOS meet up, visits iOS conferences around the world, and explores the different aspects of and use cases for Swift, such as putting Swift on the server and doing functional programming in Swift. You can also find him contributing to open source projects on GitHub or blogging on his personal website.

First, I would like to thank my girlfriend, Mia, for her never-ending feedback and support while I wrote this book. I would also like to thank my friends at IAIF for their input and support throughout the process.

Jim Campagno is an iOS developer and teacher living in New York City. He's currently working as an iOS instructor at the Flatiron School, helping beginners of Swift and iOS become iOS developers.

Jim has a deep desire and high level of creativity that he brings to teaching. He created the Swift online course offered at Flatiron School, which includes in-depth readings along with test-driven labs, challenging the student to write code in Swift. Jim also runs an active YouTube channel, putting out in-depth content and helping students understand everything in iOS and Swift—from the basics to complex topics.

Most importantly, Jim ensures that the content he creates is accessible, fun, and interactive. He enjoys putting together a story behind every topic to make it more enjoyable for the reader.

I would like to thank my roommates (Tom and Matt) for putting up with me while I wrote this book. I would also like to thank Tim Clem, who has inspired me to keep learning. Lastly, I would like to thank Joe Burgess for teaching me how to code.

About the Reviewer

Doug Sparling works as a technical architect and software developer for Andrews McMeel Universal, a publishing and syndication company in Kansas City, MO. At AMU, he uses Go for web services, Python for backend services, Ruby on Rails and WordPress for website development, and Objective-C, Swift, and Java for native iOS and Android development. AMU's sites include www.gocomics.com, www.uexpress.com, www.puzzlesociety.com, and dilbert.com.

He also was the co-author of a Perl book, Instant Perl Modules for McGraw-Hill, and a reviewer for other Packt Publishing books, including jQuery 2.0 Animation Techniques: Beginner's Guide and WordPress Web Application Development. Doug has also played various roles for Manning Publications as reviewer, technical development editor, and proofer, working on books such as Go in Action, The Well-Grounded Rubyist 2nd Edition, iOS Development with Swift, and Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists.


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Thanks for purchasing this Packt book. At Packt, quality is at the heart of our editorial process. To help us improve, please leave us an honest review on this book's Amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/Swift-Programming-Kids-Steffen-Sommer/dp/1787120740/.

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Swift has risen quickly to be one of the preferred languages among developers and will have a long and fruitful future under the guidance of Apple. Since making the language open source over a year ago, it's become clear that Swift will be a versatile cross-platform language with a wealth of opportunities beyond Apple's ecosystem.

This book will introduce you to programming in a fun and approachable way. We will be building and interacting with fun examples to help you grasp multiple concepts. We will also be building fun iOS applications to help solidify your knowledge of Swift.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, What is Programming?, introduces the Swift programming language.

Chapter 2, Getting Set up, shows you how to install Xcode and introduces you to writing code in a Playground file.

Chapter 3, Say Hello, helps you create your own Playground file and write your first line of code.

Chapter 4, Favorite Things, discusses how to store values in variables and constants.

Chapter 5, Factories, explains types and introduces the String and int types.

Chapter 6, Making Pizza, outlines the problem that functions solve along with creating your own functions.

Chapter 7, Toy Bin, covers the array and dictionary types.

Chapter 8, Smarter Toy Bin, focuses on the use of loops and if-else statements.

Chapter 9, Make Some Friends, takes you through object-oriented programming and classes. You will create your first instance of a class.

Chapter 10, Pokémon Battle, helps you create your own Pokémon class along with having instances of this class interact with each other.

Chapter 11, Simon Says, introduces Interface Builder and Storyboards, and also helps you create your first application with a user interface.

Chapter 12, Starry Night, showcases the view hierarchy and auto layout. You will be creating an application that has a user interface that scales across multiple screen sizes and that will be able to change its background color at the press of a button.

Chapter 13, Space Pizza Delivery, shows you how to create an iOS application that incorporates everything we’ve learned so far. It also introduces enums, private variables, protocols, delegates, and property observers.

Chapter 14, Movie Night - iOS App, takes you through creating an iOS application that introduces UITableViews and persisting data between the launches of the application.

What you need for this book

You will need the following things for the book:

A Mac computer running OS X 10.11.5 or later.

The Xcode application, which is available in the Mac App Store for free.

An iPhone running iOS 8 or newer if you want to test your application on a device. This is optional.

Who this book is for

Children who are curious about the technology we use in our daily lives and who want to know how it works can use this book to learn about programming and build their first iOS app. No prior programming experience is necessary.


In this book, you will find a number of text styles that distinguish between different kinds of information. Here are some examples of these styles and an explanation of their meaning.

Code words in text, database table names, folder names, filenames, file extensions, pathnames, dummy URLs, user input, and Twitter handles are shown as follows: The compiler will expect your variables to be of a certain type (int, string, and so on) and will throw a compile-time error if you try to assign a value of a different type.

A block of code is set as follows:

class Pokemon {

    let name: String

    init(name: String) {

        self.name = name



New terms and important words are shown in bold. Words that you see on the screen, for example, in menus or dialog boxes, appear in the text like this: Launch Xcode and navigate to File | New | Project.


Warnings or important notes appear in a box like this.


Tips and tricks appear like this.

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