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Dreams of a Farmer's Wife

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Dreams of a Farmer's Wife

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True stories of a city man from Kentucky who came to rural Alabama where he married a country girl in the 1950s. His hearts desire was to own a few acres of land and become a farmer even though his spouse never desired to be a A Farmers Wife. However, she toiled alongside her husband and children as she held fast to her dreams of someday building her dream house

Jeanette fondly looks back on the years when the rains came, the crops flourished and the market prices were advantageous. During those years her family felt as if the hard labor and long hours paid off. Life on the farm was demanding with little time for family vacations, but her children lived life to the fullest as they discovered adventures on the farm by chasing lightening bugs, walking through the fresh plowed dirt, riding horses and fishing the creeks. Having walked in the farmers wifes shoes during productive times and also during times of adversity and crop failures, the author understood her neighbors pain and tears when their family homes and farm land went into foreclosure. She realized that if not for the grace of God, it could have been their home, their property. She recalls gazing at a field of corn stalks drying because of drought and praying for rain as she searched the sky for a tiny dark rain cloud. Her family endured the lean years along with the productive years.

Starting their life together with nothing, God met their needs and later blessed their farming endeavors. They lived the American dream of owning a few acres in the country to farm and a new home to enjoy.

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