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Colorado Warbird Survivors 2003: A Handbook on Where to Find Them

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Colorado Warbird Survivors 2003: A Handbook on Where to Find Them

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Many examples of aircraft that saw service in the various armed forces of the United States are currently being restored to flying status or preserved in museums in the state of Colorado. Some of them have significant war records, and a few are currently standing as gate guardians outside their former airbases. These Warbirds are a permanent part of our modern history, and they deserve to be remarked upon and remembered.
This handbook provides a simple checklist of where the surviving military aircraft in Colorado are located now, along with a few photographs and a brief history of their service in the US military. This book should spark your interest in some of the military aviation history that can be found in the air museums and airports of this front range state. Colorado Warbird Survivors is specifically intended to provide a where are they guide for residents and visitors to Colorado who are interested in its rich resources of historical military aircraft. Contact numbers are provided for the museums, should you be interested in learning more about each aircraft. Perhaps you will then choose to visit these museums in order to appreciate the rich resources of aviation heritage preserved on your behalf.
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