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Tales of a Lucid Dreamer: The Strange and Bizarre Stories of Another Kind. <Br>Ýextended Editioný

Tales of a Lucid Dreamer: The Strange and Bizarre Stories of Another Kind. <Br>Ýextended Editioný

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Tales of a Lucid Dreamer: The Strange and Bizarre Stories of Another Kind. <Br>Ýextended Editioný

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Lançado em:
Dec 31, 2004


In the world of dreams, some would say that it's nothing more than a collection of images or memories from their waking life. But what if they weren't and somehow you entered another time or dimension in a parallel world? What would you do?

Enter a world where the unreal is possible as you follow a dreamer through the various paths of fantasy, or terror. You will find yourself facing the strangest of encounters and challenging obstacles. You will be confronted by unruly and bizarre people, horrid creatures, aliens, or maybe even, a sexy seductress.

A compilation of twelve short stories that will blow your mind and have you cringing for more, and maybe give you something to think about. Perhaps, theyre not just dreams. One reader said it best when she said, Its creepyI had to put it down three times. So turn the pages and enjoy the ride. Ill see you on the other side

Lançado em:
Dec 31, 2004

Sobre o autor

Dave Gamboa lives with his wife and daughter in the city of Colton, California. He grew up in Los Angeles, where he worked in the film industry for twelve-years. Fascinated by the movie industry, he combined his talents with script writing and created his fantastic stories. Dave is a big movie buff and science-fiction, horror, and the unexplained are his favorites. Visit the authors web site at www.Davegamboa.com

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Tales of a Lucid Dreamer - Dave Gamboa


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Secret of Abandoned House

Into The Dream Dimension

From the Tunnel They Came

They’re Here

The Out-of-Body Incident

Wicked Mountain

A Rude Awakening

The Lonely Man

Return of the Wolves

The Uninvited Guest

Night of the Sorcerer

The Horror

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Dreams: The mind’s window to the world of the subconscious, a collection of images and memories from your waking life, and in some instances, another dimension—a dimension of the Lucid Dream.

Dave Gamboa


First and most importantly, I want to thank my loving wife, Fabiola, for her support in putting this book together. Secondly, I want to thank my daughter, Jessica, a talented writer herself, for her contribution in reviewing the stories, as well as for sharing her dreams and what may come from them.

Thanks to Carol Wood, of the California Writer’s Club, San Fernando Valley branch, for her interest and support, and the fact that she believed I had some fantastic stories to tell which helped me to move forward. Her favorite: From the Tunnel They Came.

Thanks also to Mike Foley of Writer’s Review. Your input certainly made a difference. Glad you enjoyed the stories, especially Night of the Sorcerer.

And of course, Thanks to You the Readers for purchasing, Tales of a Lucid Dreamer, and especially those in the U.K.


It was 1977 when I first experienced some of the most bizarre dreams of which I could not explain, dreams that I later discovered to be known as Lucid Dreams. The dreams were so different and unusual that I could never forget them. Therefore, I began to write them down and the experiences of re-living them were awakened. I remember how I couldn’t wait to fall asleep each night and find myself in that amazing world again. It was like escaping into another land where things could happen by mere thought. They were so unusual that I wanted others to see through my writings what I had experienced; they were just too fantastic to keep to myself.

Often times I wondered if my soul had left my body and allowed me to enter another world or dimension that mirrored our own, just as I described in The Out-of-Body Incident which was the first of my lucid dream experiences.

Lucid Dreams are those in which the dreamer is completely aware that he or she is awake in the dream. In other words, both the conscious and subconscious are awake at the same time, thus giving the dreamer a most realistic and vivid experience unlike any other. Once the dreamer is aware, and with a bit of practice, the ability to control the outcome of any dream situation is very possible; even change the weather from a thunderous cloud, to a sunny sky.

The stories were based on lucid dreams of a strange nature, and range from the quiet and unusual, to the unexplained, and even to encounters with terrifying creatures.

As I continued to have these dreams, not only did I discover I could control them, but that I had amazing powers as well—such as being able to walk through walls, move at lightning speed, take a bullet and look at the assailant, not fazed. But the most amazing feats of all were those of laser-beams or bolts of electricity shooting from my fingertips, and twice I had lasers beaming from my eyes which took me by surprise. I was totally astounded by what I could do, which is why I decided to log the experiences for future reference.

In this collection, I have put together twelve of the most interesting and unusual dreams from my many lucid experiences and assembled them into short stories. The stories are told as they happened from the moment I entered the dream, as well as the dialog that took place. You will find that each one of these intriguing stories is very unique and different. Unlike other stories, my mysterious characters were born in a world where they merely existed as dream people. I of course, am the teller of these tales.

During this time, I decided to visit the city library and several book stores to research the subject of lucid dreaming and was surprised to find there were a few books out there; I wanted to better understand the nature of these dreams. In one book on the subject, the author spoke about a dream character he visited and had conversations with on several occasions. This was very interesting to me since I would later be in a similar situation as I described in The Uninvited Guest.

Most of what I found, though, was on Dream Interpretation, Dream Analysis, Scientific Research Studies, and other How-To-Books on lucid dreams. One book in particular that was very helpful is titled Lucid Dreaming by Stephan La Berge, which involved scientific studies that were conducted at the Stanford University Research Center—an excellent book on the subject.

As a fan of the sixties T.V. series The Outer-Limits and The Twilight Zone, I took the concept into consideration and created these story-shorts, thus bringing my dream characters to life. Originally, I wrote the stories in 2004, first-person, present-tense, because I wanted give the reader a more personal experience. After writing two more books, The Night They Came and Wicked Mountain: The Forbidden Zone, I decided to revisit and rewrite them in past tense, thus still giving the visuals of the dream experience I wanted to create in the first place. And yes, to this day, I occasionally continue to experience lucid dreams and enjoy the dream playground.

Whether you’re a lucid dreamer or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these fantastic stories.

Welcome to my dream world.


The view that came before me when I awoke in the dream was that of a beautiful countryside, and I was enjoying the fresh breeze that slightly blew around me. The sun had just gone down as the red and orange colors of an evening sky had become a cool night. And when I glanced up to the sky I could already see the first stars twinkling like diamonds.

In the not so far distance, I could see the city and its buildings standing tall. It was amazing. It all seemed so real, yet this world existed only in my mind. Sometimes the realism of these so-called lucid dreams, are so overwhelming that I’m constantly asking myself, Is this really here? Am I alive standing here in another world, a dream world?

After a brief moment of admiring my surreal surroundings, I began to walk down this dirt road, which happened to have an old wooden, white fence and tall trees along my side. I was fascinated as I walked and touched the fence that felt so real. That’s when I noticed a man in the near distance walking toward me. And as if by mere coincidence, we just happened to meet right in front of this old and broken down, abandoned house that looked more like a haunted house waiting for something to happen.

When we came face to face, we paused and looked at each other. I waited for him to speak first but he said nothing. And since he didn’t look like the threatening type I figured I might as well make some conversation with him. Hey! Where you headed? I asked.

The man, who was about my age and had dark hair, was dressed in black pants and a white shirt. He smiled and said, I was about to ask you the same question.

Realizing I was talking with a dream person, I asked him if he wanted to come along and see what we might find inside that abandoned house. He glanced at the old house, frowned, and then turned back to me with uncertainty and said not a thing; I got the impression that he’d rather not.

Don’t you worry, nothing will harm us, I assured him.

He hesitated, but then gave an agreeable nod. Alright then, let’s go see what we find.

The house was old and creepy with a few broken steps on the porch, and it appeared to have been built around the late fifty’s or early sixty’s. There was even a big, old maple tree that no longer carried leaves, still standing tall besides the house as if to guard. When we stepped onto the porch, one of the wooden steps creaked and made a crackling sound and broke, startling my friend who then stepped back as if to change his mind, wanting to leave.

It’s just and old step, that’s all, I assured. There’s nothing to worry about.

He shrugged, gave a slight grin. I’m okay. Let’s go, he said.

As we stepped up those old broken steps I gave him a pat on the shoulder. I grabbed the doorknob that creaked when I turned it, and then pushed open the door which was stiff at the frame and very much as creaky as the knob.

We walked in slowly but cautiously and scanned around this dark and dreary place. There were cobwebs falling from the ceiling everywhere, and the doors and windows were no different. Lucky for us it wasn’t completely dark because light was still coming in through the windows allowing us to see. Afterwards we moved through the main room and then down this one hallway when we noticed some rooms with steel bars that resembled jail cells. The air here had a dry and musty smell, almost as if the house needed to breathe in some fresh air—maybe too many years standing alone, I guess.

That’s a strange thing to see in here, don’t you think? I told my new friend, one whom I hadn’t even asked his name, nor given him mine.

Maybe this used to be a jailhouse, he figured.

I don’t think this was a jailhouse, not out here, not in the country.

What do you suppose they used them for?

I shrugged. I don’t know, but I’m glad they’re gone.

What little light we had was gradually beginning to dim, for soon it would be too dark for us to see in here. And because we’d gotten away from the light casting through windows, we could see each other faintly but still recognizable. As we continued to move past the jail-like rooms, we then noticed an iron stairwell going down to the basement, as well as one going up to a second floor. We stopped for a moment and exchanged questionable looks as we examined the cobweb-filled stairwells. What am I doing here? I thought. I don’t even know this guy.

He turned to me and said, Why don’t we see what’s down there? But no sooner said than done, when he quickly headed down the stairwell without a second thought.

Hey wait! I called and followed right behind, concerned something might be down there and cause him some harm.

It was a bit darker down here but strangely enough, we could still see.

Shit! There are more jail cells down here. And something’s in that one there! shouted my dream friend as he motioned to it.

I stepped down the last step and walked over to the one cell he’d pointed to and discovered a human skeleton imprisoned behind the steel bars. It was still chained and locked inside as if he’d been there never to be found. Damn! What the hell you suppose happened to him? I blurted out loud.

Don’t know. But something’s written on that wall, above his head! said my now disturbed friend, looking worried about being down here in this chamber with a chained dead man’s skeleton.

We moved a little closer so to get a better look. The writings were smudged but we managed to make out the words I’m Innocent! written in blood. I told my friend that the poor guy was probably falsely accused, and that no one seemed to have cared.

He looked at me wide-eyed, shaking his head. Let’s get out of here, like now…!

I figured he was right and decided we’d better go back up the stairwell and head out. But when we began to climb those steps, and just as we were half-way up, we heard this deep breathing sound, a rather disturbing sound, one that makes you imagine of some monster or beast that might be waiting somewhere.

Did you hear that too, I whispered.

Yeah, I did, he whispered back.

We hurried to the top of the stairs but that breathing sound only got closer; and it was hard to tell where it was coming from because not much light was left. Then from what I figured to be the now dark hallway, a pair of eerie-looking, green-eyes suddenly appeared—and they were headed right for us. As it moved, we could hear its heavy footsteps shuffling slowly across the dusty floor.

"Oh shit—let’s get the hell out of here, man!" blurted my dream friend, and then bolted out fast, gone before I had a chance to respond.

Wait! I called but lost him to the darkness of this creepy old house. It seemed to me he had no problem with abandoning people in a moment of need. I shook my head in disappointment.

When I turned back, I saw this thing, or beast-of-a-man, coming right for me and sensed that he’s pissed and pretty big. Maybe it was a monster that’d been living in this house but no one dared to want to know. The atmosphere turned eerie and gave me chills. I wanted to run toward the door and get out. But this big man or monster suddenly made a move and blocked my path. Then it stepped past the big window and a hint of light allowed me to get a glimpse of what it might be. It looked like a big, hairy man, a very scary and imposing one.

This man

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