Urban Poetry

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Urban Poetry

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Urban Poetry is a collection of 60 poems that express the fiery emotions ("A Waste of Time") and bittersweet opinions ("Rude People") of an African-Americanwoman who has experienced the extremes of ecstasy ("Man So Fine") and disappointments with men ("Fall is Not a Season"), along with the stress of living life in an urban city ("Metro Spit").

Author Carolyn Gibson's poetry further chroniclesher explorationof self-empowerment ("Mind Power"), and showsthe appreciation and admiration she has for the spiritual challenges between men and women ("Truth Freed Me").

Carolyn's observations of relationships, extreme behavior, and the constant struggle to maintain a sense of self have been chronicled in "Urban Poetry". From her "Once a Week Blues" to her "Celebration of Men", Carolyn's poems willstimulate and persuade you to readthis bookover and over again.

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