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Ill Informed

Ill Informed

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Ill Informed

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Dec 7, 2010


In December 2007 Yvonne Forbes-Wright had complete kidney failure. She was put on life support systems for twelve days where machines were keeping her alive. After the hospital
saved her life she devoted the last 3 and a half years of her life to writing a book that would
make recovering patients laugh. She wanted to give something back to the hospital (KING GEORGES HOSPITAL) that saved her life. Almost all the poems in this book were written
while she was an inpatient at the KING GEORGES HOSPITAL in London England. Some will make you laugh and others will make you cry. I had many laughs and many cries on my many visits to the Hospital. Im sure you will enjoy this book.
Lançado em:
Dec 7, 2010

Sobre o autor

Yvonne Forbes-Wright was born in Aberdeen Scotland near the North Sea. She learned to play the piano by age 8.She is a graduate of the Aberdeen Academy of music. My wife is Music and English Major. She played Piano, Drums. Flute and was a bag pipe Major in Scotland. Overall a very fun person to be with. She also was a Music and English teacher for 25 years. She became a full time poet after that and won awards both here in the United States and in the United Kingdom. She has travelled extensively to many countries which I believe gave her a broader prospective on life and enabled her to write good poems

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Amostra do Livro

Ill Informed - Yvonne Forbes-Wright




What’s SAS

From The Soul

Words From Bed 23

Spending V days at King Georges


Would You be?

Another Return Visit

Morning Hospital Blues

Down, Not Quite Out

If You’re Lucky

Now It Seems

Slip Away

I haven’t A Clue

Nice Indian Medical Ears

Good morning Monday

What’s The Reason?

Hectic Here In Hospital

13th, Lucky For Some

Fate’s no Game

Yve and and Kitty Waiting

Cold Fish Pie

Sad Ward Food

Spread The Word Why Don’t You?

We’ll all be Skeleton Some Day

Waiting For The Transport Sound

I’d Rather Be An Alien

Left My Body

The Queens of Constipation


‘Tie Sad To Say

Oh No It’s Growing

A Gleeful Verse

Dracula’s Daughters

Simply Me Next?

No Recollection

Let Me Out

Another Scar

The Holly Ward Lot

One ‘T’ Bag Left

Gerry All Dine

Love To Say

From King George’s Bed

Cornflour Culture

Words About Nurses

Should I Be Fearless?

Doctor Sha

Discharge Or this Charge

The Blood Boy

Step Down Here Is Progress!

By The Grace Of God


Busy Doing Nothing


Is there An Annual Ball?

Demon Drips

King George

The Ash Tean

Days Feeling So, So, So

Thoughts of Granny At Breakfast time

Morning Tears

By The Grace of God

Granny Scott

Waiting For The Transport Sound

One In A Million

Behind The Curtains

Loud To Say

Are There Bad Angels?

Fate is Very Scary, What’s Around The Bend?

I Wonder How Many Skeleton There Are ’Lurking Down Below

Words About Nurses

Patience And Patients

Visiting King George

Movin, Movin, Movin Again

From Holy to Fern

Hospitalized Words

Just One Squirt

With something to help her beat the flu

It won’t come out without a doubt

Margaret’s Colourful Finger

I Met A Real Nice Old Lass Called Mo’

Hospital Days

Can You Guess?

It’s All Pouring To King George

Recover Yes Again

Here Are Some Words On Stripy Paper

Perhaps If I have A Party It’ll Be A Ga

They Tried Nine Times

Oh, Oh, It’s Growing

Come On Yvonne Back To Your Bed

Now It Seems

Dreaming at the King George Medical Motel

M and R, Not From A Mister


Would You Be

A Bit On This Side

Sweet Stuart

On My Own


Left My body


The Pains Of Life

Cruella de Pill

My Pen

Words About Nurses

Aunt Agony

Going Off The Rails

Sammy The Squirrel Scurries Around

His First Name It Was Lugwig

Lost Life


The SAS came to visit me today, secretive and soldiers they are not

Kind and caring people, good listening ears they have not

I was very touched when Simon said a prayer for me; it helped as I felt that no-one cared

Sylvia gave me a pretty ‘Get Well’ card as well signed by Ursula, herself and Simon the Laird

I bet he’d look pretty good in a kilt, that’s what he reminds me of being a tall and pretty sturdy lad

But would it immediately turn into a natural womanising cad?

His dainty co-worker Sylvia is sweet and when she appeared it brought a tear to my eye

I didn’t think I’d ever see either of them again, this so much pain I was expecting to die

Thank goodness we don’t know what’s around the corner, I reckon I’m already going around the bend

I’m just lying here thinking to myself myself, will all this pain and misfortune ever end?

What’s SAS

Simon and Sylvia came to visit me today, it cheered me up to no end

Being here in hospital uninformed, unwell it’s driving me round the bend

They are two very special people, one tall the other kinda small

Useful informers, real good listeners and I’ve seen no bad temper at all

I respect their caring nature, how they give you the time of day

Two special hearts I think I’m very fortunate to have such friends nay I say

I hope we’ll always keep in touch, no matter where I am

God or fate I believe lead the path to our meeting, it wasn’t an encounter on a tram

Silver makes me think of silver, the name Simon brings to the mind Paul

I’m a lover of Paul Simon’s music, silver my favourite metal, does it sound if I’m craving at all?

No, I’m just expressing my thoughts and feelings; in verse it’s easier for me

It’s either that or via music, playing songs like ‘Let It Be’

So the letters SAS can stand for many things, sensitive and sweet lust like friends

The typical type to help build strength and give support, right u until and after your illness ends

I really do look on them as special and sincere, guaranteed to smile that may entice a tear

No doubt they’ve also had problems in one way or another

Trying to help to help and listen to your problems to them doesn’t seem to be a bother

From The Soul

Poetry is food from the soul

Being stored in the heart and mind

Varying from sad expensive thoughts

But some also loving, very kind

We often find it hard to say what we want

So we store them in our hurting store

I express my feelings via poetry and music

Who could really want more?

Of course I’ve declared my feelings to people

But they just can’t always be there

Sadly I’ve lost many through bereavement

When you loved, not easy to bear

Many they say forgive and forget

But that just can’t always be

Some actions really can’t be forgiven

Many times it has happened to me

Words From Bed 23

Draculas Daughter came to get me again

I’ve lost control of how many times

This stay in the hospital has been rather depressing

Everyday kind of like another of life’s climbs

Needless, needless, needless too many

My arms are ridden with holes

Oh my hand as well, I forgot about them

I wish I was out there, working on my goals

It would be really nice, to get a pussy cat again

To keep me company day and specially at night

When I get home I’ll see if Apache is still there

I think he’s a stray that wouldn’t put a fight

I’m still feeling a bit weak, but mentally strong

I guess I’ll swallow my pride, go with

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