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Crackshot: The Way West: Crackshot, #1

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Crackshot: The Way West: Crackshot, #1

Duração: 253 páginas3 horas


May 10th, 1869 marked the momentous day when the  Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad joined in Promontory, Utah and became the Transcontinental Railway. No longer was the West a hazardous and costly journey made only by the most adventurous or the most desperate. With first class train cars to take them  there, the wealthy began to migrate as well, starting what was called the "Nobility Ranches" and belief in their "Manifest Destiny" to be fulfilled. Crackshot is a story of one such ranch and the bold men and women who created it. 

The Way West, volume one of the trilogy, starts in 1878. Harry "Red" Clemens wins a ranch in a poker game but has not the funds to stock it.  Working in the horse racing world on the East Coast to make his stake, he meets newlyweds Justin and Morgan Ashworth. Justin, a second son with dreams much larger than his small inheritance. Morgan, bold and unconventional,  ready to meet head on any challenge. The threesome form a partnership and move out West together beginning the bright dream that is Crackshot. Join them in their quest to build one of the great working ranches of the West from in the saddle and behind the bedroom doors! This sizzling adventure that ranges from wealthy Virginia plantations to rough and ready Colorado is  not to be missed. 

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