Can I Be Ernest?

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Can I Be Ernest?

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In a quest for adoration, admiration and acceptance, Can I Be Ernest? delivers an uncensored look at his early life growing up in gritty 1980s New York City. He finds himself in unfamiliar territory, leading to a series of unfathomable life-changing events impacting his perspective on humanity and the world.

Born to a proud African father and American mother, Ernest examines his childhood struggles embracing African culture at a peculiar time in black America, while highlighting the importance of not succumbing to the pressures of social acceptance and life's deceptions. The book tackles education, the perils of toxic relationships, fatherhood, maintaining sound friendships and more!

Can I Be Ernest? is deeply reflective, exposing raw emotions, truth-telling, self-deprecating humor, his devotion for baseball and enough nostalgia to last a lifetime.

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