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Railroad Vistas 3: Small Railroads and Vintage Diesels

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Railroad Vistas 3: Small Railroads and Vintage Diesels

Duração: 135 páginas


This is a collection of photographs which depict examples of vintage diesel locomotives which serve (d) on various mid-size and small railroads. The time period of the photos is 1955-2011.

It is important for the reader to understand that by the mid-1970s, although there were originally half-dozen or so US manufacturers of diesel locomotives, only General Motors and General Electric were producers, with GE still a minority supplier.

In the book, many examples of those locomotives built by the non-GM manufacturers are displayed, along with a preponderance of vintage GMs manufactured by the early 1970s. The objective is to provide a wide variety of historical equipment in operation. With one exception, the locomotives shown were all in service or stored serviceable.

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