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Soul Exposed Volume 4: Inner Guidance  Facts Self Literacy and “Effectance”

Soul Exposed Volume 4: Inner Guidance Facts Self Literacy and “Effectance”

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Soul Exposed Volume 4: Inner Guidance Facts Self Literacy and “Effectance”

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Mar 15, 2012


-Transformation:As soon as you get the copy or the copies of the Soul Exposed you will be transformed, you will have a knew life one way or the other.
-You will be able to have psychic contact with any one in the world in the long run.
-Deep understanding of the events of the world is also an ability you will develop.
Lançado em:
Mar 15, 2012

Sobre o autor

After I obtained a bachelor in linguitics and a certificate at the universities of Quebec and Manitoba, I taught at the Canadian Forces in Comox, Public Service Commission in Vancouver British Columbia and as a teacher on call in many School Districts in Vancouver. I took a few courses in Psychology at university and do research in Psychology on my own. I create a site called Psychic facultyand research, that is to say, I am fascinated by the psyche since I was a child. I was born in Haiti, I am a Canadian citizen now.

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Soul Exposed Volume 4 - A.J. Prince



Friday September 1st, 2000

DP 475. Seeing potatoes in plastic bag where I appear, I gather them according to their color, one colors a bag. The ones, which start to eat, the rotten part is cut and thrown in the garbage can, Then we hear someone singing a song that escapes my being, except these words:

The tenderness of love.

The story behind the DP is that I have just started the writing of the 4th and last volume of the Soul Exposed. The potatoes make me thing of French, French makes me think French-Fries, you see.

It alludes to science by the sorting of the bags and to psychology; science in the sense that in life it goes from disorder to organization, psychology from the unconscious- unconscious may have its own order, despite the implication of disorder- to consciousness; psychology in the sense of cleaning our space of the psyche, our ideas, our minds from time to time. The fact of writing DP and trying to understand them does organize our minds and our idea and. at the end; it is the organization of our life.

In CLLR we do the same thing; each morning after waking up we wash our body, tidy up our beds, etc. It allows continuing and doing the other activities of the day. On the psychic plane it is important to do the same, if we want to use a bigger proportion of our potentials, instead of the one- percent that we are using now. When we gives clothes and food we do not need to less fortunate HBBs, we do psychic clean up also. When we recycle, we do the same.

The DP also indicates 2 aspects of Sophia, the Soul of the World: its orderly and chaotic aspects. Soul Exposed is a book of love as underlined in the direct perception. I am because of you; you are because of my being or something of that kind.

The direct perception is also an indication to mixed and unmixed races. I assume about one to two percents mixing in each of the 3 races: black, white and yellow. So marriage between 2 HBBs of different races are is not at all a threat to the existence of the human races or is not at all a sign of possible disappearance of human races. On the contrary it creates a different tubes of communication, a better comprehension of the other race, so it helps to keep life on earth.

Are the less younger men and women are having difficulty meeting an opposite sex partner except Demi Moore and Ashton Krutcher? They were among the questions I asked myself after having the DP.

The direction perception reminds my being again of the sentence of Latin writer:

HBBs are no beast, nor angel; unfortunately, who plays the angel plays the beast.

We call them human being becoming, meaning that the body and the mind will not rot, spoiled, ready to be thrown in garbage can during a life on earth, although we do not clearly know when the trans formation to the better will stop.

It makes me think again of work for bread in 2011- translation from French- what a bug?

DP 476. 12.7

The number 12 was among a set of WN at Super 7 that day, may be. I did not verify it. Remember the DP is made 4 years ago. Today it is not the time to vrify for so little. Is 12 an allusion to 12 monts of the year? For, Soul Exposed starts March 5, 2000 and ends on March 5, 2001, a complete year.

Saturday September 2, 2000

DP476a. I do not have 10 persons, I think I have 8 of them

The day before the DP, I went to Vancouver School Board. At first, I went there for an employment form, take it home to fill it up and bring it back to the school board another time. But the person who gave me the form asked to fill it up right away and wait until another come to me for an interview. I said to myself they catch the teacher on the spot, because they need teachers. I started to say to myself that all parts of my being were in harmony that day to place me at the right place at the right time. In other words I started by enjoying my action.

The woman who asked me to wait came back and made me say my first and last name, a few moments later she told my being that the interviewer had to go to another meeting, that I would not have an interview at the end. I thought:

Maudit tabernacle, qu’ils mangent la merde- something like go to hell in English.

I did not tell them that, today I would, a group of egotistic imbeciles or racists.

The first time I made an application, I gave them an evaluation made by Denise Savoie Young. She did not put me on a pedestal, but it was not negative. Without asking a francophone to translate it for them, the imbeciles thought that it was negative, after my first teaching in Canadian Forces Base in Comox after obtaining the Certificate in Education. It recalls the title of the film:

Lost in Translation

Denise lived in Victoria, traveled to Comox to coordinate the bilingualism program of the Canadian Government. Once before going back to Victoria, she asked to drive her to her hotel in my car. She had her own car. I brought her there. Without a doubt she wanted to make love with my being, I did not, but it be a way to have a better evaluation. In the end it was not the only time it happened to my being, neither the only person who experienced that.

DP 476b. 20 25 42

Just before the DP I practiced the ability to play set of 8 WN in the game. It is also a catharsis of 3, a compulsion to play set of 3 WN instead of 6, 7 and 8.

Sometimes DP comes to us in little pieces. You have noticed that there was little number in the previous DP: DP 470. —7, 12; DP 470a—8, 10; SP 470b— 20 25 42. Un all we have: 07, 08, 10, 12 20, 25 42, a complete set of 7 numbers. We remember that what I wanted to do was practicing winning by a set of 6,7, 8 WN. I was rather in intangible reality. What we have is not necessarily a set of numbers to play, despite a very strong temptation to believe so.

The big problem I had-have- with the lottery game play was that I played only 3 WN, 4 WN, a play of 5 WN once, never a play of even 6 WN, let alone 7 or 8. I assume at least 50 possibilities. I am not going to list them all here. Here are some:

1. What is clear to my being is that I can know in advance all sets of WN in the world in which I am interested. I do not play them because my alienation, because of my being is not communicating with the other parts, because of an ego problem that does not give up, that meas also that there is no unity yet in my being.

2. May be, also, because of the belief that DPs arrive in little pieces, instead of they arrive in little pieces and in complete form, with all its parts together.

Sunday September 3, 2000

DP 477. While dancing with this woman from music played by a first group of musicians, something happens, I discontinue to dance with her. She staid standing up apart from the activities for a certain time. When I see another group of musicians playing, making sounds to which I want to dance, I hesitate to ask the singer to dance with my being. Nevertheless taking my courage with my 2 hands, I make her know that I want to dace with her. She accepts without any reticence.

The direct perception has many stimuli. Day before I was at the Dunbar branch of the Vancouver Public Library where I used to see a beautiful lady, Jennifer-link to Jennifer, Nadine, Victoria and Psychokinetic Telepathy, authorhouse.com- that day she was away from work. It seems that her being away disturbed my being a bit. Then I remember what she said few weeks before, that she wanted to take some vacation. I did not pay enough attention to that until I realize it.

Again day before, Tamara who was a roommate left. It was the first time she was not sleeping in the bedroom beside mine. I felt something. She was deceived of not have made love with my being, I was deceived for the same reason. Two consenting adults for some cause it did not happen. When I just moving in the bedroom beside her, there were HBBs living with her for a while until they leave to go to other countries. Then there was Craig from New Zeeland who lived in her bedroom for about a month. He was making to me homosexual passes with insistence. I did not know what to think of her, so much so that her boyfriend was coming in Vancouver and go back with to England and Australia. I was confused about Tamara at first. It was only a few weeks before her departure, I could penetrate her desire to be intimate with me, but at time it was too late.

As far as I am concerned, it would be few weeks of love, which would leave me for most with a scratch on my heart. As far as Tamara it would disturb her relationships, her love for her boyfriend on the long run. May be I would feel a bit guilty of her demise.

Tamara and Jennifer who worked at the library are the complete life aspects of the DP. The psychic aspects are the musicians. The first group of musicians and the singer indicate Britney and her musicians. I would not go back and entertain her in my space of the psyche, because I contacted her in complete life. She does not do the same toward my being. The first time I sent her a letter was in the year 2003. In it there was a love letter. Later I sent her flower. She was in critical moments of hospital and re-ability place. The third time I sent her letter about a case in Supreme Court of Vancouver. The 3 attempts to contact her stay without even one answer.

DPs are about the past, the present and future. This one is the future comparatively to year 2004. The second group of musicians and the singer are Lady Gaga and her musicians. In psyche we are a couple sleeping in one bed each, but in the same bedroom. We have many psychic experiences. However, the conditional of the verb is we have no contact in complete life level of reality.

The DP is strange a bit. My entire sister Monise is Devaise’s de facto companion for a big number of years. Devaise is a musician also. I talked to Monise on telephone the day before the DP. It seems to me that male and female singers are faithful boyfriend and girlfriend in relationships. Think to Reba McIntire, Bon Jovi, etc.

DP 478. What could prevent this man who had already plaid in my house to come back and do the same again?

It would be an allusion to women who are virgin. I so not necessarily require a woman to be a virgin-before-virgin meant unmarried only, so, she may have children or even be a prostitute- to have relationships with her. In the profile of women with whom I may have relationships with it is written: the woman may be at the end of previous relationships or single or virgin. Nowadays, it would be too much to ask her to be a virgin. Some centuries ago we would expect to marry a woman who is a virgin. She can be a virgin in especial circumstances such as being with her since she was very young, and or marry her during her teenage as Elvis Presley has done.

I had the impression was a virgin in the year 2004 after Madonna and her had a kiss on TV- they could be homosexual or just promoting themselves- Madonna who sang the song:

Touched for the Very First Time

It was then the song that made me think that Britney would be a virgin. She was taking into account the meaning of the word in the past.

Later there was an information at Entertainment Tonight in which was said that the break up with Justin Timberlake was made with a bit fracas for Justin made us believe that he had intimate relationships with Britney, while she categorically refuted it.

She does things with consequences she may not know consciously. Before going to New York in 2004, we had multiple psychic experiences. In the last one we appeared together, she embraced my being. So I lye on top of her without undressing her for there was a man- the one the DP is alluding to- with her in the experience, man who stood apart while were amorously frolicking. At the end he said:

And me who am I?.

I answered to him that he was a human being or something of that kind.

While eating in Italien’s house in New York, he brought a newspaper published in Brooklyn. After flipping a few pages I saw Britney’s picture sitting on a man lying down, almost the same as the previous psychic experience. It appears that the picture had shocked the journalist reporting it. He or she titled it:

Britney and her dirty dancer

In another article was described:

Britney swim in the river of love with her new Swedish lover.

So they did not understand the first picture, even worse Britney may have not understood it, in the conscious level of reality of course.

At another level of consciousness, she comprehended everything. It was that part of her that must have programmed all for her. Before yesterday in a psychic experience with her, I appeared in front of her house where I saw 2 beds. I was jealous. She got out of her place running and saying"

Did I make you feel bad enough already?

Alluding to the picture in Brooklyn newspaper. I run to catch her, but she was already out of view. Then appeared children beside my being. They were very jovial.

This morning- year 2004- I met her again during a DP. She is lying down on the sidewalk of a street smoking a cigarette. She offers me one to smoke at the same time than her. She also asks me to watch a video with her. I do not even remember hoe I reacted to her requests during the direct perception. What is sure is that what we do in psyche may appear in complete life level of reality as the picture in Brooklyn newspaper demonstrated. Also may be Newton physical law of motion:

All actions are equal to opposite reactions

Apply also to psychic reality in a more pervasive way.

Italien, brother, brought the newspaper back at his place, because I was speaking of Britney since I arrived there, asking what do they think of her. One niece, Marie Geo was a bit jealous. I was so deceived after seeing the picture; I did not talk about her again. Since that day things between my being and her start to fall down, as implied in the DP as well.

DP 479. Wearing on my shoulder a big and bizarre instrument which looks like an accordion and not knowing how to play it, I put it down somewhere. Then I go to another room in the house while singing. At the entrance of the room I see a boy and other children already awake. Complaining about the noise the boy makes, waking up the other children who were sleeping; I talk to him severely. While Finishing talking to him I say:

It is not like something you borrow from someone.

Apparently speaking to one’s own child that way will make soft as an adult.

Day before the direct perception, there was a maestro orchestra on TV wit the name barrenboin. He said that

Music is necessary sad deeply, because each not plaid disappears as soon after being plaid.

It was why I was why I wore an accordion on my shoulder during the DP. I have a small ball on my right shoulder, a big atom; medicine does not seem to know what it is. The shoulder in the DP may be indicating that too.

The image make us think of bazooka, carrying the cross, etc. In all ther are sad images.

Music is something I like since infancy. The half brother, Joseph, was an enterrainer in his way. I learned in New York in year 2004 that he was no longer living, that he went to atomic life. Alive I was with him often in my teenage years. Others preoccupied him, he entertained them. He organized himself to have a band formed of HBBs in the village Dieurond where we were l living, playing music with bamboos and a drum major, mainly. We partied like that few weekends before Easter and during easier weekend. The love of music for my being started sin that time.

Devise is living with my sister as already mentioned he plaid clarinet, battery, guitar. I do not know if he plaid other instrument after my departure from Haiti. Once there was a party, I took the microphone from the singer and sang a French that was popular in Haiti then:

Écoute ce disque,

Listen this disc, sang the first time by Dalida, I guess. In Montréal I had a guitar and a musical book to learn to play it. I was going out with Mireille. She borrowed the book from my being and never gave it back to me. It discouraged me from pursuing to lean to play guitar.

I started again to learn to play the musical instrument in Winnipeg. Where I was working. I had to come to British Columbia to teach. I left many things I had with Michel- we obtained the Certificate in Education at the same time- including the guitar. He sold everything. That had somehow tolled the passing bell as far as learning to play guitar for me is concerned. I started to play piano in Montreal as well, it was discontinued. Mouth accordion was an instrument I plaid with dexterity while going to secondary school, something I do not do so now.

In the end the big instrument I wore on my shoulder and that I did not know how to play where the psyche, direct perception. Example, if I knew all that, psyche, direct perception implied, members of my family: father, brothers, nephew would not die before their time, so soon. Nowadays it is not the same thing. I know how to help them to stay alive, through the psyche and DP.

DP480. Where I appear there is a woman with her breasts out of her bras. She put them back in the bras beside my being. Then I found myself sitting beside a man. Many other men arrive. They stay apart for a certain time, later they join the other one and do like him, learning things from me.

At the Kennedy Airport in 2004 I bought an especial edition of the Rolling Stone Magazine. There was a big Britney’s picture in the magazine. I detached it and put on a wall of my bedroom which needed a bit of a decoration after my arrival in Vancouver from New York. I took it off from the wall little time later. It was a photo with 2 faces, on one faces she was top open letting see a black bras. In the other face she was only in under pant only, making gesture of sexual invitation from behind.

Women in DPs may also be about women with whom I made experiment on Psychokinetic Telepathy. Jennifer had her top open in one picture, which may have caused Janet’s wardrobe malfunction in a sketch with Justin Timberlake during a super ball match. The result of the experiment is already published in the book with title Jennifer, Nadine and Psychokinetic Telepathy by Author House or www.authorhouse.com.

In other words, the DP would also be an allusion to Derek living in the bedroom beside mine. We do not talk to each other. I will probably ask him to move out next month-August- I would like better not to act that way, but I am in the obligation of doing it. He does witchcraft, that so not disturbs me much. I know myself enough in psychology not to be disquiet beyond measure by black magic.

The homosexuals cannot worry me with sorcery, but could they disturb my family? I had 2 nephews: Eddy was assassinated in an ambush, the other Genio was shot in the back, but he is alive. In complete level or reality or in consciousness, for the ones who do not like me and live in the bedroom next to mine, it would be unthinkable to link HBBs living at many kilometers away with what happened to my nephews.

In incomplete life level of reality- unconsciousness- it is another matter. We are not so separate there. They ones living close to my being could affect members of my family. They are the only enemies I have, because exactly we have different sexual orientation. They are the only ones who are frustrated because of me, the only ones who may bad mouth my being, what I call homosexual bad rapt, the only one who harass me somehow. More, at that level of reality we are beyond time and space or we believe so because an event there occurs with light speed may be even faster than that.

That is in the past. Presently, it cannot happen, for I understand psyche a bit better now than in the past. I can help the members of my family to live longer through direct perception.

Another psychic phenomenon that I cannot ignore is about Michael Jackson’s problem. Deck last name is Jackson. Before him I had Michael Logie who was equally living in the bedroom next to mine. The 2 individual names give Michael Jackson. They are both bisexuals. There is may be a link with Michael Jackson accusation and them. It seems to me that the best to do is to undo the roommate relationships with Derek.

DP 481. With HBBs playing chess game, instead iron or ceramic, the figurines are made of chocolate.

It is alluding to life that may be seen as a chest game. It reminds us of Goethe:

Daring ideas are like chess game, move forward they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.

It is also about the future, indicate also lottery game and a court case I will file.

It may be also a suggestion to play other games than lottery, a bit of a moralistic tone. I would not play other games with men presently in the literal sense. The scarce of the harassment is still alive. The situation would make me feel uncomfortable. With male members of my own family or my wife’s family it would be OK.

Philip, my nephew, my brother Italien’s son plaid chess with HBBs in New York. He told me there that he had just met a woman with whom he had a date to play chess and that she pleases him and that he was going to ask her out if she not already in other relationships. He was going to chess courses in July 2004. Hew months he was going to continue his courses in law.

As well the direct perception may be referring to my skin color which is similar to the skin color of Marvin Gay, to my skin color.


Monday September 4, 2000

DP 482. The house in which I live with a few Hobbs is located in a village. One morning I wake up and see a wall at its right so tall that I can scarcely see the sky from that side. To its left there is a deep ravine. Later, I appear in a car going downtown.

There was story of a complex of habitation, which was burnt. 200 persons found themselves in the street because of that. The two women interviewed were desperate because they lost everything they gas. Not having a lot of things, living in rented shared accommodation , I do not have insurance against fire, theft, against anything. I will have those kinds of insurence after I created my goals, When I will have important things like commercial buildings and houses. It seems that the women did not have any kind of insurance either.

The depth-ness of the ravine, the height of the wall may be indication of the earth seen firm space, for no body can be isolated that way on earth except on dark imagination.

DP 483. I am lying down on a bed with my woman. During the night I put a leg on her. The direct perception recalls when I used to have foot ache nailing me on bed for a whole week. Not sure of what it exactly was, doctors used to give me the wrong medications. Nowadays it is all under control with prescribed and right medication.

The day before the direct perception, I listened to Rhona Radio Show. A man called and said a joke I did not have the time to catch his name:

"There are many kinds of orgasm, one which is negative- Oh no; one which is positive- Oh yes- an orgasm which is religious- Oh god; one which is false-Oh mother.

The DP seems to be so naive to express love making so shyly.

Who will be my woman in the future? I have many women in the psyche. They give me the impression that they just want to stay there, probably after knowing all the stupid details of my past.

DP 484. Driving a car in an unknown area, I am looking for an address, while near it I realized that I did not bring with me the exact address, forgotten at my place.

I had an appointment with Murielle; she was so happy to have a moment alone with me in her apartment, forgot her keys at work. So we had to eat outside until her parent in visited from France and her husband to arrive before we could get in. She forgot her keys, what a disaster. I would also like to have the moment alone with her in her apartment.

Before going to New York I left my driver license at home in Vancouver, because the name on was not quite the same as in my citizen certificate card after a slight change of name. In New York at Italien’s place there was a Toyota too many, that I could use. He said he promised to send it to Monise our sister, but it would allow me to visit many places in New York and in Canada. I would feel like taking something from Monise, but the main reason did not take it with my being in Canada looks like the forge-tness of the license at home.

The DP may be indicating imprecision of HBBs, me and you in comparison to machines, saying that imprecision and forgetfulness define us as well as intuition and intelligence. May be, however would you want to get into this debate now of course not.

There is also a suggestion to let myself driven by others as it is stated in psychology of archetype, by the other parts of myself it would be OK. I wanted to get the African all together in one Country with one central government. I was driven by whom, what collective consciousness? You tell me. To have European countries liberated, European Union, to have league Arabic countries, etc, etc. at the same time my life is in decrepitude for not creating my goals in complete life yet. I could not even create a child yet. So I say no way I want to drive myself instead of other forces.

DP 485. The roommates upstairs give me money t0 buy something, with it I buy something completely different, but I do not know how to explain to them my strange behavior.

When I moved out of the house rented on 42nd Avenue I felt release of not having to look for renters each month, of not having to do all it took to keep the place in good shape with seven sub renters. I live 3 months in a house on Manitoba Street. I had the same problems, l moved again to the house on 16th Avenue where I am writing now May 24th, 2004 at 9. 24 AM. Tamara talked to my being about to have to be responsible for finding sub-renters. I did not pay enough attention to what she was telling me. When I had to find the first renter, I became sour, reminding myself of the disappointments in the house on 42nd Avenue. Furthermore, I found it an unjust practice to ask a renter to find another. It was explained to my being later that it was a current practice, that I had to "take it or leave it by another person. Then I remembered that one of my goals is to have commercial houses and buildings, that it was a way to keep me in the field, I accepted.

In 1989, the research in parapsychology had already started. In 1991, the year I was dismissed from my teaching position in Delta School District, not being able to pay the bedroom in which I was living in the West-End for $700 a month, to pay for one bedroom apartment. I was forced to move in d shared accommodation where I paid $300 a month, a little less than half of the rent in the West-End. At that time it seemed to be a good advice.

Later on long-term basis, I I realized that it was a big mistake, considering the goals I had- have- to create, the research in parapsychology to develop my inner and external beings. I was at that time almost buried under social structures where the accent is on the external power, domination of others and so on. In 1991, I sis not have the need to get close to others, but I did not want to be separated from them completely.

DP may be on future events I cannot I cannot identify now, it reminds me of Sonia Choquette who said:

The road to self-specification is full of all kinds of obstacle.

DP 486.

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