The Spirit of America Party

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The Spirit of America Party

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Fourteen chapters will touch on the decline and fall of the American Spirit. From the defeat of our war on drugs to the greatest military defeat ever visited upon American soil 9-1-1

While politicians danced on their party platform shouting we are the strongest nation on the face of the earth. The box cutter of terror was being sharpened in a cave in the Hindu Kush.

An over medicated nation preoccupied with Academy award winners that failed to hear the giant steps of fire worshipers. Osama Bin Laden has taught the Moslem world that the United States is a paper tiger and our giant war ships can be sunk by a dinghy.

A Nation who has lost touch with its roots and is ripe for Europeanization. Supreme court judges who want us to be ruled by The Hague.

Communism has temporarily failed in the Soviet Union but has found a wet nurse in US liberalism.

The media controls the mind of many and is a willing accomplice to the lies and charades of the demoncrat party.

The American military is the last shred of American decency left and has more enemies in the USA than in the world.

Religion has been downsized and replaced with Oscar worship. Abortion claims two victims. The mother and the child. Both are harmed by two villains. The politician and the butcher.

Special interest groups have to be driven out of the senate auction house. The largest campaign contribution in any form should not be greater than one dollar.

Housewives should have to approve the budget. The three biggest killers of the spirit of America are drugs, divorce and demoncrats.

The CYA, the FIB, the State department and the Pentagon all need a make over. They all failed us on 911.

The first casualty should be PC lawyers. We need wartime consulters. It is not Bush's job to get Bin Laden it is theirs.

Anyone who thinks that this war will not last at least ten more years is living under false pretenses.

Going to Iraq has given us a forward staging area for the invasion of Iran. A great strategic move. We bypassed all the minefields from the UN to Paris to Turkey to Saudi.

Soon all who witnessed the greatness of the United States will be gone and the liars will rewrite history. This book will bring you home to a God Loving Nation of Dads and Moms who kept freedom alive and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Never forget you are a special breed. You are an American and the spirit of America is the great spirit. The red in the banner is for blood spilled for you and me by young people who gave up all their tomorrows so we could stand together and keep the vow.

You will enjoy the New York 50's humor. You will get sentimental. You will get good flashbacks. You will see this country in the eyes of one who saw how great we were.

Yet poor by monetary standards but rich in children and oneness in love. We were the servants yet we were kings. We were drug free. We tried to be better. We kept the vow. We served God and country in war and peace.

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