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Shaded Love: Shades of Love 1

Shaded Love: Shades of Love 1

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Shaded Love: Shades of Love 1

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Oct 21, 2017


Her future looks bright. But there are shadows lurking around the corner.

Eva is eighteen and in trouble. She’s carrying the secret child of a man she adores—a man that her fearsome father has forbidden her to see. 

The love of her life has proposed, and her father has drawn a hard line. If she runs away with him, she will lose her inheritance. If she stays home, she will lose her child, her lover, and the life she’s always dreamed of. 

Eva has a choice. She can either become the bad bitch or stay the good girl her family demands that she be. 

What happens in the end, Eva will never see coming. 

Fans of Barbara Freethy, Jill Shalvis, and Mary Higgins will be intrigued and heartbroken by this exciting and stunning novel of forbidden love that ends in a shocking cliffhanger. Start this illicit, sexy love series with SHADED LOVE by USA Today bestselling author Cristiane Serruya now for free! 

Lançado em:
Oct 21, 2017

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Shaded Love - Cristiane Serruya


Praise for Cristiane Serruya

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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10. A Note From The Author

Unpredictable Love

Title page


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Also by Cristiane Serruya

About Cristiane Serruya

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, dialogues, and incidents involving them are drawn from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, transmitted, downloaded, decompiled, in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, without the express written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

© 2017 Between the Pages

Cover by Alyssa Garcia at Uplifting Designs © 2018 Between the Pages

This book contains an excerpt of the KindleScout winner Unpredictable Love, Trust Series #6, by Cristiane Serruya.

© 2018 Between the Pages

Unpredictable Love cover by Alyssa Garcia at Uplifting Designs © 2018 Between the Pages

Praise for Cristiane Serruya

It was like reading Jane Austen or William Shakespeare but in modern English. ~ M. Richardson

Cristiane Serruya is exceptionally good at what she does. ~ Dks

…[Cristiane’s] story line: It gradually enfolds, gently enthralling the reader and touching heartstrings, captivating we romantics. Read and you will find another Nora Roberts in her heydays. ~ Jonhaboutime

Cristiane Serruya is a master of characterization. The depth of her characters is incredible. The intensity of the relationships will have the reader eagerly turning the pages. ~ Readers’ Favorite

…truly Danielle Steele Meets Fifty Shades, except the heroine is not as naive. Strong characters, mystery barely hinted at, and international intrigue. Keeps the reader riveted and hardly able to put the book down. ~ Pat Harmon

Serruya took me on an emotional roller coaster, with heartbreaking and heart-aching scenes...a story that flowed beautifully. ~ Di

Nora Roberts meets 50 Shades of Grey ~ Paula Penteado

…absolutely stunningly beautiful and emotional sexy romantic story by a wonderful writer with a terrific command of our language. ~ Charles Smith

Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, a twist so crazy that you could have never imagined it is thrown your way. ~ For the Luv of Sanity

…you can expect the unexpected. ~ Musings from an Addicted Reader

To imagine that a person who intrigues us has access to a way of life unknown and all the more attractive for its mystery, to believe that we will begin to live only through the love of that person—what else is this but the birth of great passion?

~ Marcel Proust, From The Mistranslation of Y.K. Karaosmanoglu

Chapter 1

England, Wiltshire, Lacock

Monday, October 31, 1988

9:00 p.m.

The shrill of the barn door scrapping on the metal rail cut through the crickets’ chirping, silencing them. Strangely, the door was heavier than Eva May Camden remembered, her fondest memories of the place being from a few years ago when she was on the cusp of adolescence and the barn was in constant use—day and night.

Shhh, or they’ll know we are here, her sixteen-year-old cousin Brenda said as she crept past Eva, lighting her cigarette.

Well, we’re now old enough to be here after dark. Eva’s feet crunched the dead leaves scattered over the dirt floor by the biting cold wind and she pushed hard on the door handle to close it. It slammed against the wall, causing the old building to moan and creak in complaint, mimicking the mood of her heart as she remembered the events of the last few days. She’d never been one for adventure. In her eighteen years, she’d lived a very quiet, sheltered life in their small English farming community of Lacock.

Until she’d met him.

But my father doesn’t know I smoke, Brenda said with a mischievous glint in her eyes, holding her cigarette between her fingers and taking a smooth drag, like a Hollywood starlet.

Well, at least he’s not the warden like my father, Eva said as she went to back room where the old saddles, stirrups, and all equestrian apparels were still kept, found the light switches and flipped one of them on.

When she was back near her cousin, Brenda pulled a beer can from the pocket of her coat and tossed it in Eva’s direction. Think fast.

Shaking her head at her cousin’s silliness, Eva caught the still cold-sweated can in her hand. But your father’d probably still ground you for smoking and drinking beer.

He has to catch me first. Brenda laughed. With an agile jump, she hoisted herself up on the gate separating the barn aisle from one of the horse stalls, straddling it. How old were we the first time he caught us? Fourteen? Fifteen?

"Caught you, you mean. A rush of memories accompanied the sound of Brenda cracking open her beer can. Eva looked at hers for a moment before putting it on the ground beside her. She didn’t want the beer. Nor could she drink it in her condition. Even the thought of drinking it made her queasy. I was just minding my own business, being the perfect little angel."

Don’t give me that. You were aiding and abetting! Brenda rolled her eyes.

Okay, okay. Yes, it was two years ago when my parents visited London and I stayed with you for a couple of weeks.

Only two years had passed, but it felt like a lifetime ago. Eva had transformed from a sweet little angel who did as she was told to someone who snuck out of her bedroom window on a regular basis, just like Brenda had been doing most of her teen years.

Brenda only lived down at the other end of the village, maybe a mile down the long and winding dirt road where Eva’s family farm was located but, since her mother’s death, she hadn’t done a sleepover at Brenda’s cozy little cottage.

But it wasn’t that Brenda had rubbed off on her, as her father thought. So much more had happened.

Let’s toast to a Happy Halloween. Brenda blew out the smoke and raised the can toward her. She took a long swing before noticing that Eva wasn’t chugging along with her. She pointed a toe toward the can on the dirt floor. Aren’t you going to drink, or are you on the wagon, love?

Eva looked away and dug her hands into the pockets of her oversize coat, which had once belonged to Blue. He’d given it to her when during one of their late-night hook-ups in the barn when she’d been too cold, and he’d never asked her to return it. Ah, no. I’m on a diet.

Brenda eyed her suspiciously. Hmmm, is that right? You’ve gained quite a few pounds very quickly, and you’ve always been so thin.

She sucked in a breath, pasted a smile on her face, and shrugged. Yeah, I have gained a few. Now I’m trying to lose them.

Her cousin drank more beer, then took another deep drag from her cigarette and blew the smoke out in rings. Was it because of your mother’s passing?

Eva let out a sigh of relief, happy for the way out, and plastered on a smile. Oh. Yeah. Comfort food, you know? Aunt Michelle being around all the time to cook for us hadn’t helped. She had been using this excuse for a few months, but sooner or later—probably sooner—she would have to reveal that she wasn’t just fat. Brenda wasn’t an idiot. Nor was her aunt or her father.

Well, her Shepherd’s Pie is to die for. Brenda let her foot sway back and forth. The heel of her boot occasionally kicked the gate, sounding like a rusty church bell. I think your father was fine at dinner—still a little sad, but better than last year, don’t you think?

Eva hoisted her leg over, and joined her cousin on the gate, facing her. Yeah, he’s doing better now.

Everyone in the family had mourned Eva’s mother, but Eva’s father had become so absorbed

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