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Abc: Doing Life Well: A Soul Quest

Abc: Doing Life Well: A Soul Quest

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Abc: Doing Life Well: A Soul Quest

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Feb 26, 2013


Times are changing, and so are our relationships with God. For many of us, it may be difficult to develop a deep spiritual relationship with God and live the way he intended within the framework of old methods.

In ABC: Doing Life Well, author Jimmie Lloyd Lewis Jr. shares his revitalized new method of letting go of guilt and other negative emotions that may be keeping you from God. Rather than focusing on how to reach God, Lewis teaches how to reach God by focusing on you. Whether your trouble is guilt, judgment, or confusion, this guide explains how to deal with the issues that stand between you and the Almighty. Through acceptance and healing, Lewis shows that we can recover from anything and meet our spiritual potential to the fullest.

If youve been struggling within the guidelines of antiquity to meet your spiritual potentials, perhaps its time to try a new approach. Developing a meaningful relationship with God could be as easy as ABC.

Lançado em:
Feb 26, 2013

Sobre o autor

Jimmie Lloyd Lewis Jr. wants to use his life skills, education, and experience to leave a positive mark on the world. He plans to write many short self-help books that promote family and global community. He currently lives in California.

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Abc - Jimmie Lloyd Lewis Jr.


Copyright © 2013 by Jimmie Lloyd Lewis Jr.

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Section A

•   Introduction

•   Awareness of Self

•   Affirmation

•   Preparation for Affirmation

•   Addressing

•   Accountability

•   Relax

Section B

•   Introduction

•   Be Aware

•   Believe

•   Be Love

•   Rely

Section C

•   Introduction

•   Consistency

•   Community

•   Cause and Effect

•   Completion

•   Reward

Conclusion Remix


This book is designed to be a healing process. This book is to help everyone focus on his or her own salvation and relationship with the true living God. God has delivered me through many things, but this is only the beginning.

This book will be different for each individual. This process is designed to find, build, and maintain a better you. The most important thing in building a better you is building a relationship with the living God. This is something that was sorely missed in my life. I lost everything and did so much wrong before I rekindled my relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. This process does not—and will not—work without the Creator.

This book is designed to be a guide—not the answer. You are the answer. The answer has been inside of you all the time. You must forgive yourself before you can forgive anyone else or ask for forgiveness. I hope that you will take the time to cleanse yourself before, during, and after this process. Please know that there is salvation! If you were a killer, a liar, or a thief, you can still change. Life has beaten you down so that you can come up and live up to your true potential.

Give your guilt to God. Let God be the ultimate judge. The key is to use good judgment—not to cast judgment. Do not judge yourself. The guilt is too much to bear. The key to salvation is your relationship with God inside of you. You must release the guilt and let God do the work. We have all done wrong. No one’s hands are clean from sin. The goal is to be Christ-like—not Christ himself. There is only one Jesus; there is only one you. Love the Lord as you love yourself, and you will find that we are all one.

Finally, share your story with others before, during, and after. Your life is a precious gift; no matter what, do not waste it. Overcoming and sharing your pain can result in someone else’s gain. Share your experiences, but never expose yourself. Keep your covenant with God. God is the one to whom you can tell all. God is your salvation. Do not seek it in the arms of other people.

I would like to thank all my friends who supported me, including you. Whether you read the preface or the whole book, I hope I have touched you in some positive way. This book is a process and should be used daily. I give all the glory to God, who is guiding me. Following the example of the Savior and trusting in God is the only way we can make salvation to the kingdom, no matter the situation.

God will protect us. The teaching of Christ can deliver us. Nothing shall hold us back.



Section A is where it all begins. You have decided that you want to

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