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Issues, Tissues and Miss Yous

Issues, Tissues and Miss Yous

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Issues, Tissues and Miss Yous

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May 16, 2013


The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Not only physically does it keep all of us alive, but mentally and spiritually it works overtime to keep all of us somewhat balanced, happy and in the game of life.
As we all know, the latter two mentioned are not entirely comfortable with the challenges that life presents to us.
Here is a collection of poems from an emotional and passionate leader among poets that will stir up memories, conjure up emotions both of positiveness and emptiness, and put you in each scene that will give you the opportunity to develop new feelings and perspectives...
Lançado em:
May 16, 2013

Sobre o autor

Mike paints a vivid and realistic picture of a story, putting the reader in every scene as if they were standing right next to the main character, allowing the reader to feel every emotion, and be part of each conversation. At the conclusion of each story, Mike makes the reader feel as if they had indeed just added their experience as one of their own in real life. This is Mike's ninth novel to date, following the radio tales of Mickey Miller in "Radio Free Mickey" and "Life On Side B"; the suspense thrilling tales of Eric Chatham in "Eyes of Fury" and "Eyes For Fury"; the reluctant hero saga of Joe in "Long Road to Hero"; the hockey yarns of a retiring goalie in "Blood and Ice" ; and the very dark story Chris in "Lies of Illusion".

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Issues, Tissues and Miss Yous - Mike Haszto

Issues, Tissues and

Miss Yous

by Mike Haszto


1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403


Phone: 1-800-839-8640

© 2013 by Mike Haszto. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

Published by AuthorHouse 5/14/2013

ISBN: 978-1-4817-5368-5 (sc)

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The Hurt

Nothing There

Dirty Laundry

Book of Claustrophobia



Last Straw

No Disguise



Missed Opportunities


Where Is The Love?

Life of Illusion

This Just Gets Nowhere


I Confess

A Freaking Fool

Just Can’t Take It

Lost In A Cracker Barrel

No Stranger

Going Down Again



Wrong Pillow


Lived It


All work and no play is the beginning of a famous line out of the Stephen King movie The Shining. Countless people everywhere have either started conversations with those words and or they have answered questions with those popular words. People have even finished the quote either in its true written sense and or in their own creative way. The usual reaction is an agreeable smirk, chuckle or nod in return.

I believe those words wholeheartedly. All work and no play make ‘me’ a dull boy (in this case). We all get caught up in the stresses and demands of our commitments, whether career, marriage, family or whatever. It’s the human condition. It’s the very core of success in our society today, unless you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth or possess last week’s winning lottery ticket. Since I have never seen a golden spoon, let alone was born with one in my mouth and I do not play the lottery because I can waste what little money I have on something that will bring me a more consistent source of enjoyment, I subscribe to the everyday stresses and demands.

And I feel them. And I live them…in vivid detail and color.

As my son Mike would say and I quote him frequently, Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

Well, I know I am in the majority of society whose current challenges have disrupted plans, careers, lives and such. I am also in the majority of society that would say The bear has gotten way too much of me and I no longer have an ass left for it to chew.

Thank God I don’t write with my ass.

Although I admit, I have been accused a number of times, again with the majority of society, of thinking with my ass. I am sure that the people closest to me will back up that statement.

The good news is that our infamous bear has chewed my ass away so I cannot be accused of doing that anymore.

The bad news is that now I don’t think at all…

Kidding aside, this collection of poetry really hits home with the issues that have taken control in today’s world. The paradigm has shifted from what was once normal…each past decade had its foundations of normalcy…and now we accept the fact that the paradigm for normal has shifted to include high doses of stress and low doses of sleep (and income). Much of the poetry includes a stress of some kind, making it a little easier to relate in such a hard, cold world.

The collection also showcases several writings that have brought people to tears…hence the tissues reference in the title. We all know that our lives are nowhere near Disneyesque or anywhere close to being fairytale. We also know that not everything in a hard, cold world is hard and cold. The intense sensitivities of society have been running rampant for decades as well. It’s ironic, sure, when one says that a hard, cold unfeeling world is indeed a highly passionate and emotional world as well. But it’s true. Our world is a world of extremes that includes everything else imaginable in between. Maybe we are so much more in tune with our sensitivities since we are also so much more involved with the distant world we all share.

The Miss Yous aspect of the collection is just simply the human condition when discussing loneliness. I believe we all need somebody to be with, to hold, to comfort, to talk…we all need someone to help disarm our stresses before we explode. We all deal with it differently, but somewhere somehow we all must deal with it. The Miss Yous are about just that, missing someone so desperately needed. It doesn’t matter in what capacity: friend, partner, spouse whatever. The feeling is always within us, whether worn on our sleeve or suppressed.

All work and no play… certainly was/is a running theme in my life…until I became jobless. But following some time to get your mind, body, and spirit back to health, I also realized just how hard it truly is to find a job. Now those words are the same, but with an altered meaning…I may not have work per se, but it sure is ‘all work’ to even find a job now…one that is fulfilling!

Enjoy the collection and all the best !

The Hurt

arrival of a new day

committed to a change

open my eyes

witnessed more pain

whatever possesses you to do this

grow those evil thoughts

total disregard for my feelings

confrontation and caught

no penance strong enough

for what you put my heart through

I live to exact revenge

my peace will be in torturing you

how could you?

speak to why…

how would you?

make me cry..

after all the trust

and faith I have cultivated

suddenly taken away

and made more complicated

trust me when I say

with this focused look on my face

that you will feel infinitely worse

than what you made me feel in this place…

in this place called hell.

Nothing There

the innocence arrived today

no idea where it had originated

but it came with fanfare upon arrival…

didn’t fully understand

the questions masked any possible answers

about any future survivals…

with all of the struggles

that so dominated each night’s darkness

it’s such a trail of fruitless

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