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The Vampires of Eden

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The Vampires of Eden

Duração: 587 páginas9 horas


Paul Hereford does not feel like someone who is coming home. As he turns onto the two-lane road leading into his hometownChouteauville, Missourihe has no idea he is about to embark on a life-changing odyssey that will bring him both heartache and a redemption he didnt know he needed.

After decades of a political life and a literary career on the East Coast, Paul buys a plot of land in Chouteauville and settles in his new haven to write one more book. He is the author of numerous obscure novels, but now hes trying something hes never done before: serious nonfiction.

As he seeks out former friends and new acquaintances, however, the writing becomes more difficult, the memories become clearer, and the characters become more familiar. Pauls childhood best friend, his high school crush, and the little neighbor girl are just a few of the people that create the seasoned writers new worldand help him understand exactly what he needs.

The Vampires of Eden shares one mans evocative journey of atonement and the pursuit of peace as he discovers the past is never really past.

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