What Is Wrong with Black People \\\White People?

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What Is Wrong with Black People \\\White People?

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This book offers a critical analysis on the seemingly unsolvable problem of black and white people coexisting together in peace and harmony. It attacks the untouchable topics that are just too difficult and troubling at their core, thus causing most writers and speakers to remain on the fringe of the points and issues that are met head-on in this enlightening book. Emotions will be stirred, often deeply by new thoughts and points of view emanating from mental and intellectual stimuli that have its roots outside of the old education paradigm. It is a book that is not destined for the dust bin of your bookshelf but will increasingly travel with you as world events more horrifically unfold and racial tensions and hostilities increase. It offers tasteful humor and outright laughter so as to break up the heavy drama of the subject.
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