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Tagger: Graffiti Was His Life -- and Soul (Theatre/Screenplay Version)

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Tagger: Graffiti Was His Life -- and Soul (Theatre/Screenplay Version)

Duração: 119 páginas52 minutos


"I love using Reader's Theatre in my classroom," . . . "When will they make a movie out of your books?" . . . "I love performing arts!" Comments such as these from loyal fans and teachers motivated Mary A. Monroe to write a Theatre/Screenplay version of her popular teen novel, Tagger. Now Luis and his friends, including The Beast, Grill, Loco, Catfish, The Princess and more, come to life in this easy-to-read and easy-to-act-out version of the original novel.
Tagger is the story of Freshman Luis Arteaga, 14, who can't stay awake in class at Sunrise High School because he's up most nights until early morning working on graffiti drawings for his Black Book.
Once Luis teams up with a crew called Skillz, headed by The Beast and Grill, his life gets more and more out of control until he's forced to move to his dad's home in a small midwestern river town called Cave-in-Rock, rich in mystery and heritage. Luis feels he is being called to the cave to do something -- but what? This is Luis' fascinating play, inspired by true events.
Now theatre students in middle and high schools can share this exciting story with viewers across America. As well, since Cave-in-Rock has been the unforgettable setting for major motion pictures in the past such as "How the West Was Won," isn't it time for a new hit teen motion picture -- Tagger -- to premiere in film?
The undeniable answer is "Yes!"
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