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Somewhere to Fall in Love

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Somewhere to Fall in Love

Duração: 168 páginas1 hora


Is there somewhere that the edges of reality and fantasy overlap? (A Beauty and the Beast Tale)

Saul Flanahan, a physically challenged young man, has lived an off-grid, solitary life with his parents and enjoyed their tales about mermen and mermaids inhabiting the oceans. As a child he believed their stories, but now in his mid-twenties, he indulges their whimsical proclivities because of his love for them. However, when a beautiful young woman "supposedly" washes ashore and claims to be the Princess of the Pacific, he is sure that his parents have hired a consummate actress. As to their motive, he hasn't a clue.

Raymond Johnson, III, decides to expand his non-profit veteran's organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon, to the charming and friendly coastal town of Somewhere, the birthplace of his deceased grandfather. While dining at Mama Pink's, the most popular eatery in town, he meets a cute, but clumsy waitress named Suzy, who trips and dumps his order in his lap. Rather than berate her, however, he hires her as his personal assistant. When Raymond meets Suzy's grandmother, he is confronted by a mystery involving his grandfather. Soon Raymond and Suzy are trying to piece together the senior Raymond's reason for leaving Somewhere in 1950.

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