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Optimal Reaper

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Optimal Reaper

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 An Optimal approach to learning and teaching how to 'Reap' the harvest of your musical potential with the TROONATNOOR Digital Audio Workstation of choice, 'Reaper'. We make 'Reaper' as 'plug and play' as possible. The 'Optimal Reaper' configuration is as pretty and functional as we could make it. This book is a companion guide for 'Sound Foundations', specifically targetted at people who have not yet decided which DAW to use, or those who have joined the Reaper community, but wish to take full advantage of the massive flexibility and power of Reaper, in the quickest time possible. Jump in the deep end and swim with the pros. Find ways to do what you want to do, in a hurry, and then when you have the time, gain that 'deeper' understanding that is the 'halo' on the heads of the pros, when supplicant musicians and mixers approach them for their 'intercession'. Five Star Rated.

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