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His Diner Princess: Regan Brothers, #4

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His Diner Princess: Regan Brothers, #4

Duração: 199 páginas2 horas


Frank Regan is twenty-eight years old and is at the cross roads of his life. He is a known playboy but after watching three of his older brothers marry he begins to reevaluate his life. Deciding he wants a change he begins to slowly pull back from the playboy lifestyle. At his brother's wedding he vows to make some changes, starting with giving up that life.

Rachael Wilder is a thirty year old aspiring chef. After years of struggling she finally makes it to the top of the food chain. All the high restaurants are fighting over her but one bad review changes that. Suddenly she is part of a scandal and is in need of a quiet vacation. With a controlling father and an emotional ex-boyfriend breathing down her neck, she hops on a Greyhound and heads west. Not knowing where to go, she keeps going until she ends up in a small farming community in the middle of Wisconsin. There she finds more than just a job, she discovers a life that she had always wanted and a man who makes her insides turn to mush.

After their first encounter the young couple finds themselves in the middle of a passionate romance that neither one had expected. Life seems prefect until tragedy strikes the country and her family. Regret and remorse keep her from pursuing anything further with Frank. However he is not ready to give up and will stop at nothing to win the heart of his diner princess

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