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Autism Dad, Vol. 3: Life Skills & Life Lessons, Preparing Our Special-Needs Child For Adulthood: Autism Dad, #3

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Teenagers with autism need life skills and job training. Autism Dad 3: Life Skills & Life Lessons: Preparing Our Special-Needs Child For Adulthood is a personal memoir told with humor and grace that looks at the unique challenges facing special-needs children transitioning into young adulthood. This collection of essays not only details a father's take on raising a special-needs child, but tells the story of a family shaped by the everyday challenges and rewards of raising a child with autism.

Essays include…

What Causes Autism And Can It Be Prevented?
 Teething Pain Is Only The Beginning
 Autism And The Art Of Toilet Seats
 Help Wanted: Employers With Open Hearts And Minds
 Celebrity Autism Insults Real People Struggling With ASD
 Precocious Pre-Teen And Racy TV Ads Yield Parental Torment

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