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Noble Facts: A Guide To Facts Of Life You Need To Know

Noble Facts: A Guide To Facts Of Life You Need To Know

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Noble Facts: A Guide To Facts Of Life You Need To Know

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Oct 6, 2018


Life and the style of living loom as some of the central issues of the psychology of today, tomorrow and infact, the distant future. The way you live and the life-style you select, whether consciously or unconsciously, powerfully shape your present and the future. They do this by imposing order, a set of principles or criteria on the choices you make in your daily living.
Noble Facts: A Guide to the Facts of Life you Need to Know, is designed to help you think about different aspects of life through the experiences of daily living as gathered and narrated by the author. It is a bibliotherapeutic source, planned as a tactic to help you lower your levels of stimulation when they threaten to "drive you above your adaptive range."
The issues of life selected randomly, are aimed at helping you introvert periodically, to examine your bodily and psychological reactions to your daily activities. Each key heading is followed by an explanatory note that is based on a story of another person's experience or the author's indepth knowledge of the key heading. The entries help you to tune out the external environment (exposed in the facts and stories or write ups that accompany them), to evaluate your inner environment (the life style you have chosen). The stories will help you reshape your present, readjust your future and of course, think of your yesterday. Noble Facts must touch you and cause you to do something to your life style. After reading it (totally or partly) you will take a new resolution to be a "good citizen." Our society needs you to be good.
The major aim of the author, a seasoned public relations consultant and a practicing counselor, who has worked with all categories of people in the society and has put down a few experiences in his practice is to help you not to get keyed up about the problems of life (the frustrations, pleasures, etc). It is his desire that this bibliotherapeutic source will help to reduce heart palpitation, insomnia, unexplained fatigue, unusual irritability, profound lassitude and a panicky sense that things are slipping out of control in your life.
The facts and their accompanying write-ups will help you to assess your philosophy of life (i.e. whether your choice of life style is appropriate). All facts listed and discussed are aimed at the initiated, uninitiated, educationally endowed and those still seeking a chance to join the academic 'cult.' This is taking education at the formal, informal and indigenous levels.
Noble Facts is numbered fact by fact and consecutively too. It is written in a very simple language and each fact teaches something you have known before or need to know, in a different way.
The author's exceptional ingenuity is highly commendable and appreciated.
Hence, the need for all and sundry to encourage him by patronizing his works so that he will be in the right frame of mind to keep churning out more beautiful stuff as this.

Lançado em:
Oct 6, 2018

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Amostra do Livro

Noble Facts - Uche Mike Chukwuma






Copyright 2003, Mike Chukwuma

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced by any means, or transmitted or translated into a machine language without the written permission of the author and/or the publisher.

ISBN: 9781370286348

Published online by:

Alphikka Technologies

No. 4 Okomoko Street, D/line,

Port Harcourt, Rivers State,



This book, a comprehensive compendium of the ‘noble’ facts of life you need to know, is my original work. It is edited by Alhaji Nasir Awhelebe Uhor, former PDP Zonal Administrative Secretary, South-South Zone and Chairman, Rivers State Islamic Council (RSIC); both of us, Alumni of Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It is dedicated to two great men who have made positive impacts on the Nigerian Nation in particular and the world at large. These great men are incidentally, old boys of the same great school.

His Majesty, King Edward Assimini William-Dappa-Pepple III, Perekule XI of Grand Bonny Kingdom.


Hon. O. C. J. Okocha, SAN, JP, The 19th President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the first Rivers State Indigene to head the Bar Association of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Creative writing, though inspirational, is still one of the toughest departments in the literary world. It requires total sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, and above all, discipline; to piece one’s thoughts together and present to the reading world.

However, the more important aspect of an author is the reading public. As a young author, this has been a problem to me because of the low reading culture of our society. People hardly make out time to pick up books and flip through their contents. This is not good for us as a people because the rebuilding and re-engineering of the society have never been the reserved responsibility of only the clergy and politicians. Authors, like other professionals, have some roles to play.

In my attempt to contribute my little quota to the upliftment of our society, considering the vices that are today, starring at our faces and posing to be insurmountable, many hurdles have tended to discourage me but certain individuals have directly and indirectly. Kept urging me on and that is the reason behind my acknowledging their patronage here by saying a million thanks to them.

Everyone who contributed his quota to the successful publication and launching of my maiden novel, THE NOBLE COP, and anyone who has since then, bought a copy or copies of the said book falls into this category.

Besides, there are certain individuals who need special mention because they have been great inspirations in my life.

1. Sir K. Z. Dudari, KSJ

Commissioner of Police, Kano State.

2. His Excellency, Sir (Dr.) Peter Odili

Executive Governor of Rivers State, Nigeria.

3. Alabo T. O. Graham Douglas

Former Minister of Culture and Tourism;

Aviation and Sports, Nigeria.

4. Prof. Jerry Gana

Minister of Information & National Orientation, Nigeria.

5. Mr. Casca John Ogosu

Vice Chairman, Nigeria Institution of Public Relations, Rivers State Chapter.

6. Hon. Chief & Chief Mrs. Precious Osaro Ngelale, JP.

Minister of Commerce, Nigeria.

7. Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly.

8. Chief (Mrs.) Grace I. Archibong

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Police Affairs, Nigeria.

9. Mr. Timi Alaibe

Executive Director, Finance & Administration Niger Delta Development Commission, Nigeria.

10. Dr. Abiye S. P. Sekibo

Secretary to the Rivers State Government.

11. Dr. mrs. Christy Atako

12. Sir. G. T. G. Toby

Deputy Governor, Rivers State.

13. Mr. Ene Dateme

Commissioner of Information, Rivers State, Nigeria.

14. Mr. B. A. Hassan, DCP.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rivers State.

15. Mr. Emmanuel Deeyah

Ex-Culture and Tourism,

Rivers State, Nigeria.

16. Hon. Gloria Fiofori

Commissioner of Women Affairs, Rivers State, Nigeria.

17. Chief Collin Dixon

CEO Bonny Allied Industries,

Makers of Rock Cement.

18. Sir Winston Nwaufa

Chairman, Ogbako Egbema, Port Harcourt

19. Mr. Godwill Obielum, ACP.

AC ‘OPD, Port Harcourt

20. Dr. Emi Membre Otaji,

Commissioner of Health, Rivers State.

21. Hon. Dakuku Peterside

S.A. to the Government on Students Affairs.

22. Mr. Minaere Amakiri

Editor-In-Chief/Publisher, Beacon Newspapers,

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

23. Dr. Samuel Udonsak

CEO, Onne Medical Centre, Onne, Rivers State.

24. Hon. Adokiye Amiesimaka

Chairman, Sharks FC, Port Harcourt.

25. Engr. & Mrs. Orok Ita

26. Hon. Felix Igwe

Special Assistant to the

Rivers State Governor on Chieftaincy Affairs

27. Hon. Dagogo Eli-Legg, Jack

Former Executive Chairman, Opobo/Nkoro LGA,

Rivers State.

28. Engr. Numoipre Wills

Chairman, PDP, Bayelsa State.

29. Mrs. Ophelia Umunna

SDV Nigeria.

And other notable personalities too numerous to mention




Foreword: Message From The Author

1. A True Champion

2. What Is Courage

3. Destiny

4. The Opposite Sides of Life

5. A Man’s Mind

6. Faith

7. No Man Is An Island

8. The Philosophy of Life

9. To Be A Man

10. A Good Wife

11. Mr. Gossip

12. Beware of Gossips

13. Meaning of Beauty

14. Lying: Mother of All Crimes

15. Neighbour

16. The Ladder Story

17. The Great Man

18. Who Is A Rich Man?

19. The Coward

20. Pilot Of The Future

21. Who Is A Friend

22. Boomerang

23. Spiritual Torture

24. The Weaker Gender

25. Girl Child

26. The Other Man

27. The Ever Ready Man

28. A Spinster’s Transit Camp

29. Beginning of Marriage

30. Joyful Marriage

31. A Man’s Only Treasure Base

32. My Love Letter

33. What Love Is

34. Temporal And Fragile

35. The Importance of Legacy

36. Letter To Daddy

37. Human Nature

38. Dual Obligation

39. Poor Rich Man

40. How Much Is Enough

41. Sycophants

42. Test of True Love

43. Take A Chance

44. Mr. Perfect?

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