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Manual to Wealth - Habits of Millionaires

Manual to Wealth - Habits of Millionaires

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Manual to Wealth - Habits of Millionaires

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Oct 16, 2018


Building wealth in many aspects is more about don'ts rather than the do's. The moment we we put down our deconstructive habits, and instead replace those with habits that are incentive, the first big step towards success is taken.

You can make the amount of money you are dreaming of, by doing what you love. We will figure out what that is and find ways to monetize it, before we discuss the possibilities that will allow you to increase your monetary growth even further.

Lançado em:
Oct 16, 2018

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Manual to Wealth - Habits of Millionaires - AMBTN WEAR



First things first - let me tell you who I’m not:

More likely I’m an ordinary guy that has grown up averagely. I have graduated the secondary modern school and in the following made an apprenticeship in the IT-Industry that took three years. I finished this apprenticeship with very good results, so once the company that I have been working for made me a job offer, I nearly collapsed when they told me how much they would pay me. It was peanuts. Subsequently I decided to study because I thought that this would be the only way to make more money - cancelled after the first Semester because the study was too theoretical and boring for me. Additionally I didn’t really want to put in the energy that would have been required to pass.

I then started to work in the IT industry in a shift working job. My motivation to become successful for some reason was always very big, so I started to occupy myself with the question, how I could manage to get to the top. In consequence I started to read countless amounts of books about money and success and ended up with a lot of knowledge and a plan that I’m still executing.

You may ask yourself why this information is necessary. Well, nowadays there are a lot of so called Online Coaches that tell you how successful they have been, in making a lot of money and that you (and me) are the chosen ones they share their money printing skills with. For the nonrecurring price of only $9,999.00. Of course, the offer will expire tonight, so please act fast.

I came across many of these people so far and I’m sure you did so too.

I won’t bait you into any kind of E-Mail Newsletter and spam you each day to take such a course or whatever. I’m just an ordinary guy that made the decision to set big goals and keep chasing, while never giving up.

During all the investigation I did, after reading those books and listening to equally many podcasts and Interviews of self-made millionaires and more, I had to summarize the knowledge. This is how this Ebook has accrued. It is supposed to be a short and very powerful guide to success.

We will discuss multiple ways on how to make big success happen and specially address the mindset and perspective that successful people have internalized.

Where are you at? Overcome the past

A few readers of this Book may have tried a couple of businesses in the past that haven’t worked out so far, like I did as well. Therefor we may have lost some enthusiasm because we haven’t yet succeed.

We’ll address these circumstances below.

First you have to realize what your starting point is - in every area of life. You have to get clear where you are right now. As I was starting out with what I do now, I was disappointed that the businesses I’ve tried to before haven’t worked out for me. Looking back it appears obvious, why things didn’t go as wished. I made a lot of mistakes and most of them were related to a harmful mindset and lack of planning.

Spend 5% of your Time on planning how to use 95% of your time

if you have such unbalanced feelings about your past and you are unhappy that things you have tried back then didn’t work out, you have to neutralize them first.

How? Learn to appreciate the mistakes. Think about it like that: Maybe what you have been doing wasn’t what you are most passionate about so you might haven’t done the job/business that is most inspiring to you?

We all have something in us, whether it is cooking, making music, designing stuff, Martial Arts, cut hair, kindergarten teacher or whatever that keeps us awake and we absolutely love doing that. Eventually the failure you’ve recently experienced made you read this E-Book, that will hopefully guide you to your passion and finally to wealth. Let’s go one step further.

Imagine the moments you have reached what you always ever wanted. You have the car, the house, the women and the children of your dreams, your friends are still around you and you feel closer than ever, your family is healthy. Your money is well invested and your Net worth ever growing. You have plenty of time available to spend with the people, the things and the activities you love. At this point you’ll be thankful for every aspect of your journey. Because, looking back: If you would leave out one step, one opportunity you wouldn’t have gone down this street. You would be somewhere completely else, eventually enslaved in a job you don’t like. But for now let’s cut the negativity again. Just keep in mind that everything, at one point, will be a step on your journey to success, so you can already feel grateful for everything that happens to you.

Focus on what you really want and behave, as if you’re already at that point

As human beings our mind is our greatest gift. Our fate is never melt in stone - we can begin to change our reality to the ones of our Dreams at any times.

We are blessed, because we can control how we soak up criticism and negativity. We can control how we soak up every single input that we receive.

My inner well-being is independent from my outer circumstances

Nothing of all that input must affect you in a bad way. It will affect you in a bad way if you allow that, but it’s not recommendable to do so. You can view it all as feedback and pick the cherries. People are talking bad about you behind their back? You are working, they are talking so who is moving forward? Don’t waste any more thoughts than you need to, on stuff that annoys you and is deconstructive. Instead, focus on what you really want in your life. You are moving forward - this is the only thing that

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