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Killian's Pass

Killian's Pass

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Killian's Pass

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Lançado em:
Jan 17, 2018


Blood is thicker than water.

Love doesn't exist, it's just a disease that infects the weak.

Killian's Pass is a charming little town until you look beneath the surface. The residents hide a dark and chilling secret, and will do anything to keep it hidden.




Lançado em:
Jan 17, 2018

Sobre o autor

Ginger first started writing poems and short stories in middle school. It wasn't until a few years ago that she looked into getting some of her works published.When she’s not writing, Ginger enjoys spending time with her husband, Danny, and taking photos of wildlife.You can find her on Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - and Snapchat

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Amostra do Livro

Killian's Pass - Ginger Elinburg


Killian’s Pass

Ginger Elinburg

Copyright 2017 Ginger Elinburg

All rights reserved as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted in any form or by any means, or store in a database or retrieval system, without the prior permission of the Author. For information regarding subsidiary rights, please contact the publisher.

THIS BOOK IS A WORK of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

Thanks for listening when I needed to talk my way out of writer’s block. For your suggestions when my plot took a turn in a seemingly wrong direction. I couldn’t do any of this without your help, dear husband. 


Aviana looked up at the house and winced when her husband, Finn, slowly brought the truck to a stop. Are you ever going to get those brakes checked?

Finn rolled his eyes and shifted the truck into park. I told you, I’d do it after the move.

Aviana unsnapped her seatbelt and looked over at him. She studied his tired face and instantly felt guilty for nagging him so much during the move. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so hateful. Leaning across the seat, she kissed him softly on the cheek before pushing her door open. Let’s go check the place out. You got the keys?

Finn reached into the front pocket of his jeans and pulled out the keys, dangling them out to her on the tip of his forefinger. Got ‘em right here, babe.

Snatching the keys from his finger, she flung open the door and jumped out. Looking up, she smiled and ran up the porch steps. Grasping the doorknob, she was about to put the key in the lock when she felt a chill course through her body. Her scream reverberated around the closed in porch and the keys fell from her fingers.

Geez, Ava, I didn’t mean to scare you. Bending down, Finn picked up the keys and unlocked the door. Turning the knob, he pushed it inward and stepped inside. His breath caught in his throat when he looked up the stairs and pictured Emma and his future children sliding down the wooden banister. Absently reaching back, he found Aviana’s hand and pulled her inside to stand next to him. Lifting his hand, he pointed to the right. Look at that fireplace. Have you ever seen a mantel like that? Looking down at his wife, he saw that she was looking around his back toward the opposite direction, a small dreamy smile curving her lips. Turning, he tilted his head to see through a partially opened door. What do you see in there?

Releasing his hand, she walked over and pushed the door open, a gasp of joy whispering through her smile. Oh my God, Finn, it’s gorgeous. Walking to the middle of the room, she looked up and turned in a circle, her smile growing bigger. Clasping her hands into a fist on her chest, she looked at Finn with wide excited eyes. This is really mine? Do we get to keep everything in here? Her smile fell and her eyes filled with sadness and worry. Do you think the previous owners intend to come back for these?

Finn looked around the room and walked over to the wooden staircase. He ran his hand over the polished wood and whistled through his teeth. Someone really loved this room.

Aviana walked over and grasped his elbow. Did you hear my question?

Finn nodded. Yeah. When she released a defeated sigh, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a loving squeeze. I meant, yeah I heard you. Cheer up, panda bear, this all belongs to you now.

Her squeal of happiness caused him to cover his ears and he laughed as she ran up the stairs and ran her fingertips along the spines of the books lining the walls. I’ve always dreamed of having a large library, but I never dreamed of having one this big.

Putting his hands on his hips, Finn studied the room. Bookshelves lined three walls on the lower floor and all four walls on the two floors above him. Each shelf was filled with books and he wondered, out loud, how old some of them were.

Aviana’s voice echoed down from the third floor and he looked up to see her standing on a wooden ladder attached to metal tracks. This one has a leather cover. Opening the book, she held her fingers just above the pages. I... I’m scared to touch the pages. I’d hate to ruin this beautiful book. Putting it back in its place on the shelf, she worked her way back down the ladder and walked down the stairs to join Finn on the first floor. I’m pretty sure that entire floor is nothing but old books. Why do you think they left them? Some of them must be worth a fortune.

Finn shrugged and led her from the library, turning to pull the door closed. Their loss is your gain. Hey, I’m feeling a little hungry. You want to run down to that little store we drove by and see if they have chips or something? And get me a bottle of coke or a shake.

You don’t want to go with me?

Finn arched an eyebrow and looked at her for a second before shaking his head. Someone’s got to stay here and wait for the movers. Lifting his arm, he glanced at his watch and tapped the crystal. They should have been here already. Maybe I need to call and see what’s taking them so long?

Holding out her hand, she wiggled her fingers in his direction. I’m going to need some money. I don’t know if that little country store takes debit cards and I’d hate to get there only to have to turn around and drive back here for cash.

Finn pulled his wallet from his back pocket, pulled out two twenties and handed it to her. That should be enough, right?

Aviana looked down at the money and

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