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Young, Hot & Royal



There's Something About A Rebel by Anne Oliver

Lissa Sanderson is at an all–time low so why does her brother's gorgeous, brooding best friend have to come back into her life now? Even worse, the teenage crush she once had on Blake Everett is back with a vengeance! But Blake isn't as immune to her as he pretends to be. There's definitely something about this rebel and Lissa's going to enjoy finding out just what that 'something' might be!

The Crown Affair by Lucy King

After being made redundant and finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Laura Mackenzie has decided it's time to take charge of her life! However, the last thing she expects is to end up having wild, naked fun with the gorgeous guy next door! Except she virtually runs away afterwards in shame. Laura soon gets a new job on the Mediterranean island of Sassania. And the island has a new king aka Laura's 'guy next door'! Now they're both in trouble, because King Matt should be focussing on affairs of the state, not on re–igniting a hot affair of his own

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