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Apple Watch Series 4: Your Ultimate Guide to Using the Apple Watch Like A Pro

Apple Watch Series 4: Your Ultimate Guide to Using the Apple Watch Like A Pro

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Apple Watch Series 4: Your Ultimate Guide to Using the Apple Watch Like A Pro

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Nov 15, 2018


When the first Apple Watch was introduced in 2015 Apple users were trying to figure out exactly what the device would be. The device’s evolution has followed a path to where we are today: Apple Watch Series 4 is a health and fitness monitor, provides access to itunes music, and you can send and receive calls, text messages and email without needing to have your iPhone nearby.

This year Apple Watch has a bigger and brighter display, new heart sensors, and can detect when you fall. So is it worth the upgrade? Read on to find out in this book. You will learn new tips and tricks that will help you maximize the full benefits of your Watch.

Lançado em:
Nov 15, 2018

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Apple Watch Series 4 - Daniel Tracy



The0first time I strapped on an Apple Watch was three years ago. A friend had been needling0me about how badly I needed one and how it was the first truly new Apple product since0Steve Jobs died and how cool Digital Touch was. I caved, and 45 minutes later, I had claimed0a slice of Apple’s history for myself.

My friend was right! The Apple Watch was cool. What he didn’t0tell was that the Watch’s underpowered hardware and the scarcity of must-have0apps made Apple’s first wearable kind of feel like a dud in those early days. That wouldn’t0be true with the series 4.

During the past three years, Apple has dutifully added features0and refined the overall watch experience. Series 2 pivoted to focus more on fitness. Series 30had an LTE radio, so you could feasibly leave your phone at home. It wasn’t until0this year’s series 4, though, that the Apple Watch finally seemed to step out of the iPhone’s shadow. The series 4 is bigger0and better in every way that counts, and more important, it now feels like0a fleshed-out, worthy  device in its own right.

Earlier Apple Watches0were impressive wearables, but the new series 4 is the strongest argument yet for wearing a smartwatch. And that is not just because of bigger, edge-to-edge screen0or its improved fitness tracking either. The combination of a more powerful processor and thoughtful, feature-rich software make0the series 4 the most capable wearable around. Solid battery life and potentially life-saving new heart tracking features only0sweeten the deal.

The Apple0Watch Series 4 comes in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm. and also brings along a 30 percent larger0display. There is no redesigned modular watch face with more detailed and graphic0information. Users can see0stocks and heart rate, track scores from sports teams, view boarding information and0more. In terms0of colors, the Series 4 comes in three aluminum finishes – silver, gold, and0space gray. The series 4 also comes0in gold stainless steel with a Milanese0band, in addition to the silver and space black stainless steel options. The new bands0will also work with any of the apple watch predecessors. Indeed0Apple has done a lot of work on the series 4, and nearly all0of it is excellent.

Unboxing Your Apple Watch

Let us unbox0the newest Apple Watch series 4 and see what you expect to find in the box. But first, I want to applaud Apple for making a very0clever and clean packaging. The nylon surrounding the box has a special pull tab, so you can0easily take it off, ahile the box opens in0a very ingenious, origami-style way without the need to tear anything off ( and you0can then, close it back to the original form easily.)

Inside the main0box, you find two smaller boxes, one for the watch itself, and a separate thinner0box for the band that comes with it. In my case, I ordered the 44mm Apple Watch0sport model in silver, with a white sports band. So here is everything that is in the0box:

Apple watch0

Band in 2 sizes0(an S size and an M/L size)

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