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Australian Affairs: Taken/An Unlikely Bride for the Billionaire/Taken for His Pleasure/Hired: The Boss's Bride

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An Unlikely Bride For The Billionaire - Michelle Douglas

Mia wants to keep her head down, not get distracted by handsome billionaire Dylan Fairweather! Asked to help plan his sister’s wedding, she can’t say no to Dylan’s other outrageous proposition: pose as his girlfriend so he can assess his future brother-in-law’s intentions!

Shy Mia doubts anyone would believe he’s dating her. But as she grows closer to Dylan, Mia might just find she’s more than worthy of this prince among men...

Taken For His Pleasure - Carol Marinelli

Billionaire Anton Santini needs discreet protection. What he’s not expecting is Detective Lydia Holmes, or the staid, sober policewoman’s plan to pose as his mistress!

Lydia surprises herself when, made over for her new role, she’s no longer plain and frumpy. Now she’s beautiful, ripe and ready for Anton to pluck her for his pleasure...

Hired: The Boss’s Bride - Ally Blake

When Veronica Bing waltzed in wearing skinny jeans and high boots telling him she was the girl for the job, Mitch Hanover couldn’t help but agree. But he hadn’t bargained on her bringing him back to life!

Veronica had learned the hard way that relationships at work were a bad idea. Even if the attraction zinged between them, and his kisses made Veronica melt, Mitch had lost his beloved wife – and sworn never to love again...unless this sassy brunette could change his mind!

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