The Killing Circle: 1, #1

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The Killing Circle: 1, #1

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One Island.

One Government.

One Chance.

One Future.

The world has collapsed and London has become humanities last home. London has become The Last City.

Gone are days of liberty, opportunity and uniformity, fast replaced by the call for survival. And that survival is articulated, echoed by The Conclave, the last standing government, sitting in the centre of London and dictating not only the city, but now all of humanity. And their message simple, comply to survive.

But Michal and Kristof, two Detectives, have a different outlook. Driven by their pasts and both immigrants that are ridiculed as part of the 'problem', both these men are spurred by far more than survival.

Michal is the quiet and calculated one and his partner Kristof spirited and dedicated to justice, both these Missing Person's Detectives now put on the trail of a missing orphan boy.

But in a new city born out of survival this one missing child is barely noticed. But this boy is not just another boy, and his disappearance not just another case of the many.

To find the boy the two Detectives will have to wade through the underbelly of The Last City, must fight through endless bureaucracy and intolerance, with their beliefs questioned and tested at every turn.

But one Detective has a weapon only few have. A coin, a coin devised by the new constitution when London became The Last City, shaped only to preserve power for the privileged, now in the hands of a Detective, an immigrant, with no privilege.

Detective Novak has a Kill Coin, a coin that allows you to kill once.

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