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The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #8: Building The Revell 1/32 scale Bell AH-1G Cobra in a Viet Nam Vignette

The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #8: Building The Revell 1/32 scale Bell AH-1G Cobra in a Viet Nam Vignette

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The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #8: Building The Revell 1/32 scale Bell AH-1G Cobra in a Viet Nam Vignette

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Mar 1, 2019


The Bell AH-1G HueyCobra, universally referred to as the Cobra, was the first modern helicopter designed specifically as a gunship. Revell released a very nice, 1/32nd scale AH-1G in 1967 that was state of the art at that time. Unbelievably, it is still the only kit of the original Cobra configuration that has ever been produced in an injected kit in this scale. There are a couple in 1/48th, but they fall far short of Revell's effort.

Lançado em:
Mar 1, 2019

Sobre o autor

The author is a freelance writer and professional modelbuilder. He has also spent decades researching his family's genealogy. He has written three print books, several hundred articles and created several CD-ROM photo galleries. Along the way, he has produced well over 1,000 models for clients ranging from Aerospace companies to private collectors. A self-described aircraft/science fiction nut...ahem, enthusiast...he will and has built just about anything you care to name, depending on his client's requirements. A native Southerner who was born in Tennessee, he has spent most of his life in Texas (He got there as soon as he could.). He lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Nelda, his dog, Magnum, and more model kits than he'll ever be able to build in this life.

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The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #8 - Richard Marmo

The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #8

Building The Revell 1/32 scale Bell AH-1G Cobra

in a Viet Nam Vignette

by Richard Marmo

Copyright 2019 Richard Marmo

Smashwords Edition

All photos by the author except where otherwise credited.

Smashwords Edition license statement.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of contents


Bell AH-1G

The Model




Final Touches...On The Model

The Revetment

What A Vignette Is

The Base

Finishing The Vignette

The Dust Cover

The IPMS/USA & How To Join

About The Author


Back in 2001, I wrote a print book called Building Resin Model Aircraft. While it was reasonably successful, selling around 3,000 copies, it is now out of print. One of the chapters dealt with the construction of a Bell AH-1G Cobra in a Viet Nam Revetment Vignette, using the old Revell kit and aftermarket components from Cobra Company. To this day it is still the only 1/32nd scale kit of the original AH-1G that has ever been produced by any manufacturer in any media.

Why a vignette? The answer’s simple enough when you stop to think about it. If your finished model stands alone, no matter how high a quality, that’s exactly what you have. A beautifully built and finished masterpiece. But incorporate it into either a diorama or vignette and the model comes to life. Vignettes, if you care to think about it this way, can be considered a small diorama…essentially a way to display your model in a natural setting without making things too complicated. A full-blown diorama, on the other hand, can be as large and complex as you have the nerve to tackle. In either case, the model is used as a tool to make a comment or tell a story.

Whether simple or complex, the diorama/vignette approach goes a long way toward enhancing the final appearance of your finished model. Serious or humorous, fact, fantasy or political, dioramas and vignettes hold viewer’s attention in a way stand-alone models cannot. If they have a down side, it’s that they must be protected from dust and prying hands, either on a shelf inside a glass display case or a custom built dust cover. Dusting dioramas/vignettes simply isn’t practical, even using photographic canned air. As for prying hands, if there’s anything in this world that brings out the I want to touch it! child’s side in an otherwise sophisticated corporate executive, it’s a highly detailed scale model that isn’t supposed to be touched!

This project will be broken down into five parts: The helicopter, revetment, vignette, sceniced base with wood frame and an acrylic dust cover. And since it’s been seventeen years or so since this model was built and described, defunct products will be replaced with current products to the extent possible that will produce the same results. That said, let’s get started.

Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra

For the uninitiated, the Bell AH-1G (and extending thru the current AH-1W ‘Whiskey’ Cobra) is a pure helicopter gunship. It earned its spurs in Viet Nam in the form of a single-engined, twin-blade design with a two-man crew….pilot and gunner. Today, twin engines drive four-blade rotors to carry that same two-man crew into combat. Incidentally, the gunner rides the front seat, which at low level and high speed makes for the wildest roller coaster ride you’ve ever seen. Best known for a mini-Gatling gun and 40mm grenade launcher in a chin turret, along with 7.62mm gun pods under each wing and FFAR

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