Our Lives In Colored Brushes

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Our Lives In Colored Brushes

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Here is a collection of short stories and articles, to entertain and inspire the reader. Our Lives in Colored brushes is a fictional narrative, where the characters tend to favor mostly the female gender -- even though this does not completely makes it so. There are also male characters who also tell their own stories. The writer begins with the first narrative which is more like the intro captioned: The Way She Saw It. Here, as also is with the rest of the stories, the writer tries to create a connection with the emotion which reels throughout the story.

The first story recounts the experience of a young lady as she witnessed a community come under siege by men who knew were not connected to the real security personnel of the country. The book proceeds to chapter one where the writer tries to inspire the reader through an article she titled: The Value of You. Going forward to chapter two, titled: A Commercial Driver Tells It; this is a short story of a driver who choice for a wife had gone contrary to his desire for what he hoped to be the marriage of his dream. His dilemma included getting involved in a bus accident because his mind always takes to flight every time he gets behind the steering owing to the troubles he faced in his marriage -- the constant nagging of his wife.

In chapter three, The Single Girl Of Amuwo --another short story-- a professional call girls talks of her life's experience, and how she had come by this age-old profession. Chioma finally wanted love and she found it; but only after so much had happened for which she hoped she could have turned the hand of time.

Chapter four: The Ground Soaked In Blood; this seemed to be where the brief for the book's intro was taken. It narrates a gory incident of gun attack by men in uniform, and who had stormed the community in a fleet of old Vans. Though a fiction, it is told almost like a real account which shows the extent of man's inhumanity against fellow man.

Chapter five 'She Sails Her Way Through', might seem an article, though not. Neither is it a short story. Though reads like a prose, it inspires in the reader the need to believe in one's own capability; recalling of course that every success has it earlier times -- an experience of pain and struggle.

Chapter six: I Have Met Your Husband, is a short story. Simi believes she knew all that she ought about her husband, and that they genuinely love themselves. But a phone call one Sunday morning would make her question all that she ever thought she knew. Alas, their differences was sorted, and their love was set to glow again.

Chapter seven: 'A Still Voice', a short inspirational piece which talks about the vulnerable -- especially the girl child. A young girl was found dead at a road corner, and the writer questions the essence of life, when a corpse is treated with less regards because people had to go about their own business. It seems we are all guilty of this.

The stories come out alive in modern African fashion.

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