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Autism Grows Up: School Daze, #5

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At twenty-one, Suzie has withdrawn from a world she finds alien and confusing. She has Asperger's Syndrome as well as high anxiety. To her, the world is a harsh, scary place where she does not fit.

 She spends much of her day sleeping and most of her nights on the computer. Her mother, Amanda, wishes Suzie would get a job, go to school or at least help out around the house. Suzie feels that her time is amply filled with the compelling world lurking within her computer.

Amanda wants more for Suzie, but does not know how to help her move forward. When she tries putting pressure on her, Suzie suffers from paralyzing anxiety, resulting in morose withdrawal or worse, lengthy tantrums.

 Suzie is most content when alone in the basement with her computer. Staring at her monitor, the rest of the world falls away and she feels at home.

Amanda is torn. She met this gentleman, Jack. It would be nice to spend time with someone other than her brother and daughter but Suzie wouldn't like it and she needs her mother desperately. Jack gently persists and Amanda glimpses what her life could be like. 

Those pesky questions arise like what will become of Suzie if something happens to Amanda? But when an intruder breaks into the house, Amanda has only Suzie to rely on.

From the Author

One in every fifty-nine American children is autistic. But these children don't remain kids - they grow up to be autistic adults. For far too many, life evolves as it has for Suzie. 

Need it be this way? Not necessarily.

About the Author

Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell has worked as teacher, counselor, psychologist and consultant for several decades. Her Masters and PhD. degrees focused on autism spectrum disorders and helping kids navigate their world as comfortably as possible.

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