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Australia's British Heritage

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“When does Australia’s history begin?”

“Particularly since Manning Clark popularised Australian history as a specialisation of study in its own right in the 1960s, many accounts of Australia’s origins have started in the early modern era, perhaps with the arrival of the first European explorers or when the First Fleet landed at Botany Bay in January 1788.”

“The basic purpose of this book is to make an argument that once would have seemed self-evident: that Britain’s history and Australia’s history are irrevocably tied together. The history of our institutions, our language, and our culture are inseparable from Britain’s—and more specifically, England’s—past. Even at a time when, for a variety of reasons perhaps as much related to funding incentives as to cultural change, it has become unfashionable among both academic and popular historians to draw attention to this fact, this link remains undeniable and important.”

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