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King of Thieves

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King of Thieves

Duração: 34 páginas31 minutos


Billy has been watching the money truck, as the money is leaded, into the back. However, Billy doesn’t watch the money loading. Billy watches the front of the truck.
Manolo escorts the driver and the guard to the front of the truck.
Billy hands the driver a sheet of printed data. “The tires, including the spare, are inflated to these values. The engine is lubed and tuned. The transmission and the differential are also lubed. The electric systems are all checked and everything is up to spec. If you don’t do something stupid, the truck will get you to Mexico, in good order.”
The driver and the guard get into the truck. The driver starts the engine, which catches on the first half turn. The driver then drives the truck away, for a long trip to Mexico.
Billy gives an okay sign, for whatever reason and then he tells Manolo, “I hadda work through the night, to get everything right. I’m headed for home and sleep.”
Manolo grins at the obvious concern of Billy. “Just take it easy, everything is gonna be okay.”
Billy then turns and walks out of the warehouse.
* * *
I get to my own truck. It’s a big pick up. It’s powered by a 427 cubic inch Chevy Rat motor, tuned to give me maybe 450 horsepower, with bags of torque. Everything is tuned and adjusted. Billy, the mechanic, now gonna quickly become a millionaire, several times over.
I ease out of the parking lot and follow the route that the money truck will take. I have a secret trace installed in the money truck and a receiver in my truck. I just need to wait until the money truck gets to a lonely, flat section of road and then I trigger the sleepy gas container in the money truck and become a millionaire, several times over. I have very carefully planned everything, but I’m still a little nervous.
After what seems like a lot of time, the money truck gets to the area where I have planed my strike. I hit the activation switch and the money truck interior is filled with sleepy gas, then the engine switches off.
I’m not too far behind the money truck and I ease up, right behind the money truck. I use a hand truck and I transfer the money from the money truck to my truck, as fast as I can. I don’t make a big effort to count the money but it’s at least $8 million dollars! I get the money transferred fairly quickly, but it still seems like a lot of time. There’s no traffic on the road and I even spend the little extra time to transfer the covers. I get it all done and I put the hand truck in the back of my truck. I get in my truck, fire the engine up and ease on down the road, without even squealing the tires. I follow the main road for a bit and then I turn off on a side road and make a few more turns. I get to the little cabin that I have rented and I put my big truck into the garage, out of public view. I then load a bit less than a million dollars into the storage bags of a motorcycle. When the banks open in the morning, I’ll begin to transfer the money to an account that I have set up with a major bank and then on to an off shore account.
I then shave my beard and cut my long hair. My appearance is now a lot different than Billy Jones, the mechanic. However, the shaved area, where my beard once was, is light, too light. In the morning, I will rub in some make up, to cover the too light area. It won’t be enough cover, but it’s the best that I can do at least for now.
I get a meal and then some sleep.
In the morning, I eat breakfast and then ride down to the first major bank. I get the money counted, through a bank machine and then transferred to my offshore account. By the end of the morning, and several bank visits, I have transferred something over $3.8 million dollars. In the afternoon, I ride a bit further, to another county, and transfer $2.9 million dollars more to my offshore account. The next day, I drive quite a bit further, to still another county, in the rain, and transfer $2.8 million dollars more to my offshore account.

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