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Keeping The Promises

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No one, not even god can write a perfect end for you!
Unless he is dying.
Mighty and irreplaceable as they are, words are lethal weapons that change
lives… by sometimes linking two hearts and sometimes shattering
everything irreparably.
But when they are woven into promises, the change lasts forever.
He had almost lost himself when she brought him back to life with her
promises. Dying from a dreadful tumour, every night before they went to
sleep, she took a portion of his heart and soul as promises. For better or
worse, he'd have to keep the promises for the rest of his life.
On his journey of fulfilling those promises, his bond is strengthened with all
those who, like him, are keeping their promises.
What were those amusing, surprising and painful promises they all kept?
Can you live and die…both at the same time?
Meet the girl who changed the lives of the people she loved, and those who find their true selves in Keeping the

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