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Everything You Need To Know About Swimming

Everything You Need To Know About Swimming

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Everything You Need To Know About Swimming

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Jul 11, 2019


Swimming at the age of 25 seems like a far fetched dream. But I did the same when I was 25 years old. This book is the reflection of the lessons which I learnt and it will be helpful if you are on the ledge of hope, fear and anxiety.

Of course, you won't be able to swim by reading this book. You need to go out and do the swimming in the field. But this book will serve as the partner you will need when you desire it.

I wish you all the best in your swimming journey.

Lançado em:
Jul 11, 2019

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Everything You Need To Know About Swimming - Ashley Lisa


Table of Contents

From Water Phobia, Bullying To Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Random Order by Ashley Lisa

How To Start Swimming? by Ashley Lisa

7 Day Swim by Ashley Lisa

How To Float In Water? by Ashley Lisa

Easiest Way To Learn Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Swimming Laps To Lose Weight by Ashley Lisa

Floating - Front And Back by Ashley Lisa

Broken Things by Ashley Lisa

How To Swim Longer Without Getting Tired by Ashley Lisa

Swimming In Cold Water by Ashley Lisa

Novice Swimmer Definition by Ashley Lisa

Swimming Lessons For Adults With Fear Of Water by Ashley Lisa

Swimming After A Long Time by Ashley Lisa

Learn Swimming Adults Near Me by Ashley Lisa

5 Basic Skills In Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Go Swimming Grammar by Ashley Lisa

Swimming Tricks To Go Faster by Ashley Lisa

How To Learn Swimming Without A Trainer by Ashley Lisa

Swimming Is A Metaphor by Ashley Lisa

How To Deal With Cramps? by Ashley Lisa

Should You Go To Swim With Headache? by Ashley Lisa

How Do You Overcome Fear? by Ashley Lisa

Can You Learn To Swim Without Floating Pads? by Ashley Lisa

Gearing Stamina Up by Ashley Lisa

Back Crawl by Ashley Lisa

What Is Your Excuse? by Ashley Lisa

Swimming And Marathon by Ashley Lisa

How To Breathe While Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Adding One More Skill by Ashley Lisa

Teach Yourself To Swim Freestyle by Ashley Lisa

Floating Pads Assistant by Ashley Lisa

Underwater Swimming Tricks by Ashley Lisa

One Day by Ashley Lisa

Say It Loud by Ashley Lisa

Planning Your Day by Ashley Lisa

Take Some Rest by Ashley Lisa

What Happens When No One Sees by Ashley Lisa

Injustice At Play by Ashley Lisa

How To Swim Laps? by Ashley Lisa

Running A Swimathon by Ashley Lisa

Facing Your Fear by Ashley Lisa

Eating The Frog by Ashley Lisa

Deep Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Opening The Door by Ashley Lisa

Waiting by Ashley Lisa

Your Enthusiasm by Ashley Lisa

A Poem On Michael Phelps by Ashley Lisa

Adding One More by Ashley Lisa

What Is A Life? by Ashley Lisa

Holidays And Swimming by Ashley Lisa

You Can't Go Back by Ashley Lisa

Missing A Day by Ashley Lisa

Community Swimming by Ashley Lisa

The Handicapped Girl by Ashley Lisa

Warm Ups by Ashley Lisa

Fast Paced Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Newness Wears Out by Ashley Lisa

What Is Swimming? by Ashley Lisa

Drinking And Swimming by Ashley Lisa

The Idea Of Sprint by Ashley Lisa

The First Day Of Swimming by Ashley Lisa

A Poem On Swimming Pool by Ashley Lisa

A Poem On Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Break Becomes Bad by Ashley Lisa

Here Is How She Did It by Ashley Lisa

Why Freestyle Swimming by Ashley Lisa

A Poem On Fear by Ashley Lisa

Definition Of Flow by Ashley Lisa

Take Decision Fast by Ashley Lisa

Missing Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Procrastination And Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Types Of Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Swimming In Cold Water by Ashley Lisa

What Happens If Swimming Becomes A Ritual by Ashley Lisa

Everything You Need To Know About Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Everything You Need To Know For Starting Swimming by Ashley Lisa

Everything You Need To Know About Swimming

Ashley Lisa

Copyright 2019

From Water Phobia, Bullying To Swimming

I feared water. I didn’t liked sports growing up. Whenever there used to be an event in school for sports, I would go absentee. Either I won’t come in school or hide with lame excuses. The result was the same – I won’t participate in any sports whatsoever.

Of course, I played when I was at home. But many were indoor games. And the few which were outdoors, I wasn’t good at them and neither did I try.

Losing is bad, and I hated when I lost in sports. So I diverted all my attention to the studies. Because that was something I was good in – memorizing all the stuffs and losing myself in mathematics.

I got better in mathematics and lost my agility in body. Because I wasn’t playing enough like other kids.

While most of the mothers used to scold kids for playing outside, my mom used to encourage me to play at least for some time.

The First Interaction

It is natural that swimming as a sports or leisure never crossed my mind. I was too lost in the series of science which used to get telecast on Discovery and National Geographic channel. Sort of my jam was getting glued to Television for the science feed. I felt this is something at which I can excel – and thus used to empower me.

Every year there used to be a school picnic where the whole batch of students would go to a resort, water park or amusement park.

Whatever the case maybe, I won’t go. Partly because there is the financial crisis in my family. And partly because I was scared of the interaction which might happen in large groups. I was kinda on spectrum of introvert.

But I did go to the picnic when I was 5, 12 and 15 years old.

The first time was when I was young and the picnic was at a park. I sat there on the trunk of an elephant (made out of wood, I guess). And that’s it.

Every other kid was running here and there – probably enjoying their time. And teachers were smiling seeing the kids run in the wild. But I was the loner kid who was all by himself. I just remember sitting there. Because that’s what I did there.

The last picnic was the one where it was mountain trek and I enjoyed a lot. I have good memories of it – the cold, food and the painful yet fruitful trek.

Now let’s enter the fun water park where I went when I was 12. It was a water park and everyone was in the pool. There were 2 pools – one big enough for people who can swim. And another for people like me who can’t swim.

I was lurking around and then sat at the edge dipping my feet in the water. The feeling was heavenly – I wanted to sit there all day. And I did it.

But then there was a push...

Someone pushed me into the water. And I was drowning. Yes, about to die in a pool of just 3-4 feet. Where in my height was about 4.5 feet. Someone from the school staff saved me. And I was lying on the ground catching my breath.

All my life – I feared water for what it was. In the few moments of the sitting at the edge, I found some hope. And then it was shattered.

My first interaction with water at swimming pool made me stay away from swimming for so long...

The Cost Factor

Swimming is cool. Being able to swim is the next best thing to flying. And I was adamant to learn to swim when I became an adult.

But the illusion of busy kept me from trying for a long time.

One day after watching ton of motivation videos, I decided that enrolling in one will help me at least start. But the moment I landed on few websites – I realized that swimming pools cost money a lot. Especially if you come from a middle class family.

For me saving money was a big deal – that too for further education, medical emergencies and little vacation. Finding money for swimming couldn’t be fit into the bill.

So, swimming was something left untouched for a while. Now that I look back – I did spend a lot of money on other avenues. Yes, time and money are often an excuse for not doing things. Chances are they ain’t your priority for now.

The Community Aspect

After working for more than 3 years at a shipping company, I decided to move on and join another venture. It was an education hub...so there were many facilities around in campus.

Ranging from football, jogging space, gymnasium and many more. Also it had an olympic size swimming pool. I got excited. I did the enquiry and was shocked & surprised that the charge was a nominal fee which was 1/10 that of other pools.

I immediately joined the pool. It was near my office and the commute was less and it was as cheap as it could get.

But you didn’t learn swimming simply by joining.

It took me one year to learn swimming. And I was able to do it because of my friends who also joined me in swimming – one who as new as me and other new swimming.

Suffice to say I learnt swimming being 25 years old and it was a journey in itself.

After I learnt swimming despite being an adult, many people were intrigued and asked me how I did learn.

When it become like a routine thing to awe people with my swimming stories, I realized perhaps there are many more people who might want to know about learning swimming later in life.

Hence, I created this space online in form of blog as a project to share what have I learned and also learn from you guys along the journey.

Swim in along..and Stay Awesome.

Random Order

Since this is the first time I am trying something to teach online – it is going to be tough. I am not planning to write things in the order as they happen. Yes blogs are supposed to be in some order – but I ain’t following rules.

So whatever comes to my mind – the lessons, failures and success – I am going to distill it in here.

Sometimes it can be me trying to teach the

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