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822: Best of 2018: Financial Feminism & Workplace Equality

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It’s no doubt that 2018 will go down in history as a major turning point for women’s equality, particularly in the workplace. The #metoo and #timeout movements have led to more women’s voices being heard and more bad actors called out, penalized and in some cases prosecuted for their injustices towards women and men.  I had the great privilege of speaking to a number of individuals this year who are helping to lead the financial feminist movement and get us to more equality and female empowerment in the workplace, in one’s financial life and everywhere. We are about to hear again some of the voices.. to highlight some their advice, personal stories and insights they generously shared…so as we head into the New Year we are reminded of ways we can all continue to succeed in our careers and financial lives. We’ll hear from money guru Suze Orman, Joanne Lipman, the author of That’s What She Said, Amy Nelson, founder of The Riveter, a co-working space designed to support female entrepreneurs. But first, we'll hear from Kate White, former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and author of the book, The Gutsy Girl Handbook…This is taken from Episode 775. And here we talk about the faux-pas she believes women STILL make in the workplace …also, how to avoid getting low-balled in a salary negotiation…

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