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Syria, Mueller Updates, and Air Force Major Jason Baker: We talk with Jason Baker, an officer in the United States Air Force about what Americans need to know about our military operations throughout the world.

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On Saturday, an apparent chemical weapons attack killed 25 people and injured more than 500 in Syria. Major Jason Baker adds his experienced voice to the conversation. Plus, Beth shares an update on the Mueller investigation.  Thanks to the sponsors of this episode: Acer and Forto Coffee. Veterans Affairs and Ronny Jackson Mueller Investigation: Government's Response in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Paul Manafort's Lawsuit Manafort's Motion to Suppress Evidence Manafort's Trial Alex van der Zwaan's Sentence Van der Zwann's Sentencing It's Mueller Time Mueller Rattles the Oligarchs Trump Named as Subject of Investigation Compliment the Other Side: Sarah - Trey Gowdy Interview Beth - Connecticut Democrats and Elizabeth Etsy's Resignation Etsy Resigns Jason Baker Interview: Syria, Chemical Weapons, and Trump McCain, Trump, and Syria Recruitment of Violent Extremists To access bonus content, including more of Beth's deep dives into the Mueller investigation, become a Pantsuit Politics supporter on our Patreon page. 

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