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Vol 414 - Oct. 7, 2010 - Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge & more: In this episode: The Amoralists are presenti…

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In this episode: The Amoralists are presenting Adam Rapp's first play, GHOSTS IN THE COTTONWOOD, in a re-written version. Actors Matt Pilieci and Nick Lawson discuss the play, their company, and why gambling in Vegas isn't the best way to fund a theatre. The York Shakespeare Company is one of New Yorks most active presenters of the Bard's work. Director Seth Duerr and Actress Jenn Remke stopped by to discuss their current rep presentations of MACBETH and RICHARD II as well as a great discussion on philosophies of approaching the classics and their ideas of some of the best training spots for young actors interested in a classical foundation. OPA! THE MUSICAL has had two production runs since their last appearance on Broadway Bullet and their award winning run at the 2008 MITF. Creater and writer Mari Carras and co-composer/lyricist Elise Morris came by to talk about their newest run in the heart of the Greek Community, Astoria, and Actors Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld and Andrew Lidestri came by to perform a couple songs from the show live in our studio.

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