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White House & Washington brace for Special Counsel report; Could Biden announce a running mate day 1?; Mail bomber who targeted Trump critics & CNN pleads guilty

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WH refuses Dem demand for Trump-Putin meeting details; Comey: I don't want Trump impeached; Source: growing optimism in WH about Mueller findings; Cummings: some Senior White House officials using personal email to conduct government business; Atty: Kushner is in full compliance with email records law; Hope Hicks says she will turn over docs to Judiciary Cmte; Trump's longtime confidant Roger Stone refusing to do so; Cummings: Kushner uses messaging app for government business; Biden, Abrams meet and rumors he might pick his VP early; Gov. Hickenlooper: why aren't female Democratic candidates being asked if they'd pick a man as Vice President?; O'Rourke visits all New Hampshire counties in massive sweep; Source: Biden 2020 announcement likely in late April; Biden hasn't given his view on VP announcement yet; Some 2020 Dems embrace expanding the Supreme Court ; Scalia's son: expanding the Supreme Court "maybe an argument worth taking seriously"; Trump hands Netanyahu major victory weeks before election; Trump: U.S. to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights via Knit

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