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Garro: Collection: The Garro Series, #5

Garro: Collection: The Garro Series, #5

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Garro: Collection: The Garro Series, #5

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Aug 2, 2019


Explore Garro's journey from Galaxy's End to the breath-taking battlegrounds of Earth in this boxset.

Garro: Galaxy's End

In the future, humanity's extinction is inevitable.

They sent Grand Master Garro and his team to an abandoned space station. What Garro finds changes humanity's future forever.

Can Garro and his team save humanity, or will humanity become a distant memory? 

If you love explosive, action packed sci-fi fantasy stories with epic characters. You will love this book!

Garro: Rise of The Order

They must purge an entire alien species.

Garro finds the probable location of his parents. He and his team destroy a vital relay station. But can his plans for the invasion keep going smoothly?

Can Garro and his team invade the Iarannthans and find the truth? Or will they become pawns in a much dark game? 

If you love explosive, action packed sci-fi fantasy stories with epic characters. You will love this book!

Garro: End Times

The End Times for the galaxy has come.

Grand Master Garro knows the Order and other foes besiege earth. He knows he must walk an impossible path in hope of salvation. Garro must find allies for the battle ahead. 

Can Garro and his team unite the galaxy against the threat of the End Times? Or has humanity's extinction come? 

If you love explosive, action packed sci-fi fantasy stories with epic characters. You will love this book!



"I loved the first Garro book, a good start. I will buy the 2nd shortly. Thank you keep up the good work and more Garro books please."-Dom Grant, Garro: Galaxy's End customer


"Fantastic. Thank you I really enjoyed the Garro books"-Dom Grant, Garro: Rise of The Order customer

Lançado em:
Aug 2, 2019

Sobre o autor

Hello, I'm Connor Whiteley, I am an 18-year-old who loves to write creatively, and I wrote my Brownsea trilogy when I was 14 years old after I went to Brownsea Island on a scout camp. At the camp, I started to think about how all the broken tiles and pottery got there and somehow a trilogy got created.Moreover, I love writing fantasy and sci-fi novels because you’re only limited by your imagination.In addition, I'm was an Explorer Scout and I love camping, sailing and other outdoor activities as well as cooking.Furthermore, I do quite a bit of charity work as well. For example: in early 2018 I was a part of a youth panel which was involved in creating a report with research to try and get government funding for organised youth groups and through this panel. I was invited to Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party and how some of us got in the royal photograph.Finally, I am going to university and I hope to get my doctorate in clinical psychology in a few years.

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Garro - Connor Whiteley



SCARRED THE GALAXY is. War-torn it is.

Much has happened in the galaxy since the creation of this tale.

However, you must first know where it all began before you can even see the journey’s end.

For now, the galaxy has changed. Too much has been lost.

It all began in 2,100 AD- when humanity began to travel further afield from the Earth as a result of humanity’s want to conquer and control.

Therefore, less than a hundred years later, we conquered most of the stars, to begin our vast empire.

For another hundred years, we sailed the stars in the Golden age of Man. Finding all types of wonders.

Although, our love of hunting new land had grown too fierce.

That is when the Age of Man fell.

Due to when we found the jungle world of Samiud. We got violently attacked by the Order. A group of alien races working together to conquer the stars.

Over time they saw humanity as cheap labour. Consequently, they want Man to bend their knee to them so; we can complete their labour.

The four alien races were:

The Cineachans- a humanoid race with a snake’s head. Plus, they abused their great magical powers to mutilate defiant slaves.

The Cinealthans- a monstrous, beast-like race that only wants to massacre and kill all life.

Furthermore, the Basicans a dying vampire race that wants to use humans as their last lifeline. That tends to use gargoyles as foot soldiers.

Finally, the Iarannthans are humanoid robotic beings. That has monstrous plates of living metal instead of body parts. Lava is their blood.

To defend humanity against the countless threats of space. The Republic got formed, where it represents all humanity.

Moreover, to kill these aliens, three fractions of humanity’s army got created.

These are the hammers of the Republic; they are hope and doom, death, and life. They are the Angels — three-metre-high men for humanity that have been preferred by Man through years of genetic research.

We will cover more of their abilities, but they’re what people wish they could be with their strength and lethalness.

The Magi Order was an order created by Supreme Grand Master Jeremy with Grand Master Garro. People with magical ability to be used to kill threats to humanity.  In body, Magi are like their magicless cousins the superhuman Angels, but they are like Angels naturally without the genetic implantations.

Furthermore- there are always 666 Magis in service. Of course, there are more people with magical powers. However, if they don’t join the Magi Order, they are forced to wear a suppressive bracelet that prevents them from using magic, even if it is for good.

However- for the average everyday person, they can join the weak marines. This fraction is the lowest and easiness to kill. Though, what they lack in power. They gain in numbers. 

Right then now you know the basics, on to the story then shall we?

After Grand Master Garro and his team of Angels disobeyed a direct order from the Chancellor; the Leader of Humanity; in which they attacked one of the Order’s many headquarters in a losing apocalyptic battle. Against orders, to gain a well worth sweet-tasting victory.

They were sent on a boring check-up duty to an old research centre in space after a distress beacon was lit.

Nevertheless, is everything as it seems?

Do Garro and his team know what lies at the base for them?

Probably not.

Whatever it is. It’s the starting point of the Galaxy’s end! 

Chapter 1

STORMING OUT OF THE Kingfisher; a large aerodynamically perfect blade-like transport in an ocean blue colour; were Garro and his team of indestructible Superhuman Angels.

Garro, as well as his team members, were all ancient friends. They had served together unbroken for five hundred years.

Also, they wore a heavy bright orange five-centimetre-thick steel ceramic armour. That was near undoubtedly bulletproof. Although, since Grand Master Garro was a Magi, his was a dark, dirty grey colour with bright golden rims on the shoulder pads.

In the Angels’ hands laid a Railgun. It was a slim, slender gun. That shoots out boiling pieces of metal. Attached to their waists were grenades and other combat instruments.

Nonetheless- Garro carried a long metallic staff with a triangle with a ruby eye design on top in his left hand with various cryptic details on the staff from a forgotten age.

Subsequently, in his right hand was a special type of dark blue Railgun. That was enhanced. To make it even more lethal.

The hanger in which they had landed in was nothing more than a tin box.

Garro scanned the surroundings. Picking up on all the noises and traces however small; because Angels have a supernatural ability to detect things. Plus, Magis have a more acute version.

Garro- I detect heat signatures down the corridor, a member of Garro’s team said, called: Claire. She spoke in a serious, posh America-like voice. For she had seen the real horrors of war, but these horrors had shaped her into a knowledgeable person and an expert marksman.

I know, but all of the humans are dead or taken prisoner. Probably taken to the dead planet of Slaughter to be processed when the Order attacked, Garro explained, sensing as well as smelling the death in the air. He walked with caution into the corridor.

Which was a long, endless pentagonal loop of cold silver walls.

His team followed.

Inside Garro’s helmet, he continued to read the flow of data that he as receiving. Detailing everything from structural blueprints to DNA traces.

Garro, team, I hacked into the command network and found the footage for the execution of the workers, Kortana; Garro’s AI; explained. She spoke with a high pitch, gentle authoritative voice.

We push on, Garro boomed.

However, when they turned the corner. A group of Iarannthans was waiting for them. They were all metal wolves.

They striked.

Shots screamed across the corridor.

With the wolves firing wild shots from their mouths while the Angels fired aimed controlled shots.

Garro stood there. Waiting for the time to strike.

Like lighting three of the alien wolves leapt onto Claire.

Inside her armour- Claire heard millions upon millions of tiny teeth. Attempting to chip away at her shield.

Out of nowhere, a giant lightning bolt. Vaporized the wolves. It was from Garro’s staff.

Get up and fight Claire. Everyone purge the alien beasts! Garro commanded.

I am not dying today. You monsters from the darkness! With those words, Claire got up. Firing every single shot at her attackers.

Hew; a three and a half metre tall Angel in the team; spoke in a deep voice: Shall I Garro?

Garro nodded.

As soon as Hew got permission. He drew two long black swords from his waist and stretched his hands. To become a tornado of death. Then he launched into a melee.

A shot ran straight pass Garro’s right ear from behind.

Garro turned around. To face fifty Iarannthans soldiers. Which were metallic humanoid robots with an upside-down triangle with a red light as ahead.

You must lay down your arms now humans! A soldier ordered in a metallic voice.

No! Garro replied, slamming down his staff. Unleashing a storm of fire. Killing some.

Before the soldiers could recover from the fire. Penelope, the last of Garro’s team, came from the back of the fire. Shooting with two guns at them.

Grinning uncontrollably Penelope kept firing. Shooting all the aliens she could to fulfil her undying love for shooting aliens.


Yes, Kortana,

We might have more than one problem because the Order has twisted their network into ours and it’s hard to crack,

Still firing, Garro said: I need some information,

A shot hit him in the chest. It didn’t even dent him.

Garro merely looked at that poor soldier before he crushed him with his mind.

Team, I have something- this wasn’t a mere takeover. This was... wow really... basically, move! Kortana managed to say.

You heard the lady, Garro stopped. Focused his magic and ordered: Burn the Iarannthans!

Out of his hand ran great shots of pure power. Burning all the aliens.


With that, the team moved, Garro in the middle as well as his team around him. Scanning the area for more aliens.

Garro, can you smell it? Claire asked.

Yes, a high amount of... artificial magic,

Puzzled looks danced around the team’s faces.

Kortana explained: Magic like what Magis have are found in everything and Magis are capable of using that natural magic. However, for less gifted people with extreme technology they are; in theory; able to manufacture magic. Though it’s of lesser quality,

The team except for Claire still didn’t understand, but they all nodded. Garro understood however he was a Magi after all.

A grand laser shot screamed through the air. Knocking Penelope to the ground. In one skilled motion; while bouncing back up; Penelope turned around and kill the Wolf.

Then Penelope saw a whole pack of wolves behind them.


Run! Garro ordered.

The whole team ran thundering down the passageway of the base.

Turn at your next left, Kortana ordered.

They obliged.

Kortana slammed the door after them.

You could hear the laser shots. Banging on the door.

Why are there so many Garro? Claire inquired.

Because I’m guessing that there’s something they want here,

You’re right because at the base they were testing out the properties of Lasers. Furthermore, they’re using artificial magic to enhance the laser’s effects, Kortana said.

I thought the Republic abandoned lasers due to their expensive nature, Hew inquired.

Well, we’re losing the grand war, so everything’s an option, Kortana explained.

True, I read that three months a commercial company was reinvestigating lasers as a weapon choice, so maybe this was a facility. Shared by the company and the Navy, Claire recalled.

Garro frowned.

Looking around this space was a giant laboratory with a large laser model setup.

Although- all over the space was black blood. From the countless aliens burning themselves.

Scan the room outlook for anything strange,

Hew didn’t have to go far: Garro, he said, pointing to the setup of an immense laser battery connected to a sizeable piece a moon rock.

Garro studied it.

Kortana informed: How many lasers are here? I only ask because there should be sixty with twenty large batteries,

Penelope looked around. One battery and five lasers,

Garro stumbled over to the lasers. Touching it. Detecting an unholy amount of death and destruction. As well as a version of planets exploding, whole species being wiped out and worse. 

Get to the main computer Kortana,

She connected.

Team the Order is planning to... she started to before the pack of wolves and soldiers busted in.

Horary, I can shoot more things! Penelope screamed.

The team dived behind some desk as some cover.

Garro pointed a long finger to raise a shield of red to absorb the shots. 

So sorry Kortana please continue,

Right the Order is planning to use the research they gained here. To launch some type of super laser to destroy whole planets- and their considerable research and charter plans to a planet called: Bornanmeo,

Garro laughed.

What’s so funny? Hew asked.

Because Bornanmeo is nothing more than a jungle back world in dark space. Yes, it’s a republic world but only with a small base as well as a population of two thousand,

A good place to secretly destroy, Claire replied.

Garro said something; however, the shots were excessively loud. 

Suddenly some weird laser turrets came out of the ceiling. Destroying the soldiers and wolves.

We need to get to Bornanmeo now, Kortana said.

Yes, you do because from a beam brings destruction. From destruction brings strength. Then from strength brings an end to the galaxy. A lone wolf said before Garro burned him.

Sighting Garro said on the direct line to Chancellor herself: This is Garro I want to be put back on active duty. We have evidence of a major conspiracy involving the research that we did. Plus get mine and Ben’s fleet to meet us at Bornanmeo,

Permission granted! Kill the aliens, Garro! Plus, I want your team...

Garro cut the link. Shall we go?

Everyone moved back to the Kingfisher before the transport translated into Slidespace; a method of travelling in space to cover great distances in a much shorter time; Kortana overloaded the boilers of the base. Destroying it.

The base was beautifully destroyed in the vast void of the base. It was a yellow explosion against the dark, dense rock of the moon. Against the beautiful blue colour of the planet below.

chapter 2

SCREAMING THROUGH THE dense yet soft oxygen-filled atmosphere of Mars 2.0. An Angel Team’s Dropship; a small blade slicing through the atmosphere; was hoping to deliver the Republic’s wrath upon the aliens here.

Remember team we aren’t here to make friends. We are here to kill. Fast and silence! a tall helmetless Angel said, with a hard war molded face. His name was Ben.

We murder quick. By the time enemies know they’re dead. We are gone, his team of three other Angel said in return.

Below them was an unimportant Cinealthan base. It wasn’t special. However, Ben thought since his fleet was in the area. It might as well be destroyed.

It kept them in the Republic’s good books.

The docking area was a twenty-metre square with a smart, neat looking box base attached to it.

When the ship hit the ground, it unleashed an EMP. Blinding the aliens to the action outside.

Ben and his team came out the ship guns blazing. Shooting all the spiky beasts, they could witness.

In less than ten seconds, the skirmish was over.

Crates of alien technology too complex to understand laid scatted around the dock.

This base looks so ugly against this peaceful lunar landscape, a woman in the team stated, disappointed.

Yes, yes it does, Ben agreed, looking over the lunar crates as well as the landscape.

After a second Ben led his team over to the hexagonal door.

Another man in his team scanned the door. Using a type of futuristic tablet. Looking for life.

The same Angel reported: Ben there’s inference however I think that we’re clear,

Ben frowned. ‘I think’ in a war that is such a pointless and dangerous word. Knowing and thinking is the complete difference between life as well as death.

Enter, Ben ordered.

The last man called: Tyi. Opens the door.

A laser shot exploded his arm clear off.

Ben pulled him to his side on the left-hand side of the door.

An average human would die because of such an injury, but the Angel’s body was already healing the wound. This was due to their much faster cell regeneration rate.

Now, as the Cinealthans walked down towards the doorway to swarm the Angels with their guns. The Angels could only shoot blind since if they look, there was a good chance of them. Getting their heads shot off.

Even their blind shooting was useless as a result of the Cinealthan beasts used energy shield to protect them.

Tyi can you fight? Ben plead. 

I can damn well try,

He stood up. He collapsed again.

Just if we had Garro here. He could blast the aliens away, the female member said.

Tyi thought of an idea.

What is it, Tyi?

I need to get to that panel, he said through his pain. Pointing to a small panel just inside the doorway.

Okay, Ben said, running to the alien crates to fetch some new toys.

He came back with a type of what looked like a tennis ball. Throwing it into the alien swarm, he said: No one likes aliens,

Upon impact, the ball unleashed a shockwave. Engulfing the aliens in a type of purple flame.

Not even a single body remained.

The team flooded in. Still scanning the passageway for an alien force.

However, Tyi couldn’t move. His spinal cord was shattered. Not even superhuman cells could repair that.

I’ll wait with Tyi, Ben said.

No, Ben go, Tyi said.

Ben walked toward the door. To help his old friend but before he could exit. Tyi shot out the door control. Making it slam shut. 

Before his injuries killed him. Tyi shut his eyes and remembered. The lives he saved, the lives he took but most of all he remembered his parents.

We push on like Tyi would have wanted, Ben commanded.

The team fanned out now entering a war room with only a large oval holographical table in the middle. 

Why so much space for just a table? the male Angel said. His name was Pespium.

Because humans this is for a grander meeting when the other Order forces come. This is a staging point, an enormous gargoyle boomed. Walking out of a shadowed corner.

Ben opened fire. Followed by his team.

The shells of their slightly heavier Railgun. Barely dented the beast.

The beast extended his hand to summon a few vampires out of the ground.

You humans really believe you can stop us. By your deaths, my species lives,

Ben froze. He had heard of such things from the Magi since they use to hunt Basicans but never had he seen it.

The vampires grinned. It was even enough to make you lose your mind. The sheer horror of this mind-bending act. Making living soldiers come from nothing. Nevertheless, these were Angels. Their minds were fortresses. 

With fear being the main motivation, the whole team charged. Chopping down the vampires like a knife through butter.

However, when they got to the beast. They jumped. They landed. They stabbed him with their combat daggers- but it did nothing.

Come now Angels, did you really expect that to kill me?

The female Angel started to hack into the base’s network. She was hidden in the darkness. Her name was Koron.

No, I didn’t expect it to kill you. Although I did hope for it to distract you long enough to access the base’s network,

The beast looked puzzled.

‘One minute until base destruction. Lord Decidua ordered it’ a computerized voice screamed.

So, you frame me human for an attack,

Yes, Ben said, shooting him dead.

The team left for the ship.

Running Koron asked: Why was it so easy to kill in the end?

Ben answered: Because Garro suggested that it feeds off fear. Therefore, when you are no longer in fear’s hand. It grows weak,

Oh, Pespium added. His curious mind wondered further on the topic.

They dived into the dropship. Typed in a return code and the ship got drawn back into the ship.

The base exploded meaninglessly since it was a mere orange and in the vastness of space.

Sergeant Ben we have new battle orders we must go to Bornanmeo. Under the request of Grand Master Garro,

Well, get us there as soon as possible. I want to see my friend Garro again, he silenced the link.

‘I wonder what trouble Garro wants us to get into?’ Ben thought.

chapter 3


What should I be feeling?

Especially, when I; the Supreme Grand Master of The Magi Order also known as the Destroyer of Worlds; gets served an order from one of the top senators in the Republic stating that by the degree of Senator Reece I must come to this godforsaken tribunal. To review the Magi order’s methods as well as their customary practices.

I mean we keep humanity safe and- sorry, sometimes I do go on.

On to my part in this tale then...

I was simply sitting there alone on the defence bench in the courtroom.

Courtrooms had always been the same design ever since the third millennium.

Although, now the courtroom was of large portion because this courtroom could fit millions inside. Some people had travelled billions of light-years to get here. For this so-called historical moment.

In front of me was a ten-metre-high wooden platform where Chancellor Charlie; the great leader of the Republic; sat. Then to her left was Lord Commander Amostli, the leader of the Angels.

I do hate that man due to his arrogance and his mere... face. 

Charlie was a fragile old woman who had aged beautifully. In fact, in her long ceremonial robes, she didn’t look a day over twenty.

However, that Lord Commander that face was only one a blind mother could love. With that burned, cut up face. At least I think it’s a face.

In theory to the Chancellor’s right, I should be there or in this case Garro but since the inquiry is about us. It would not be appropriate. Plus, Garro was a man of action. He hated political red tape. To him, it was torture. 

Finally, to my right was the man behind this waste of time. Today’s prosecutor Senator Reece who was a rising political superstar in the eye of the Galaxy. He had bought criminal rings crashing down. Also, he was servicing the people as if they know what they need to win a war.

Little did they know that the same Senator only bought down those rings because it gave his illegal empire of drugs and killers room to expand.

I, Charlie, and Garro all knew it what he was doing; however, there was never any proof.

Garro and I had sent operatives; which we both had ten of, and it was a game to work out who the other one’s agents were; to prove. Furthermore, Garro had found some prove, but I might have insulted him so he wouldn’t give it up. Moreover, that was a year ago. Luckily, I as well as Garro are talking again, but he knows all my operatives, and I know none of his.

The Chancellor’s fragile yet commanding voice began: Today we are bought here together to review as well as judge the Magi Order’s methods and practices. Subsequently, depending on the outcome and their words, I will give them a suitable sanction. Now, then-Senator your introduction,

I’m amazed that I didn’t fall asleep, but I like the Chancellor, everyone knew it, but without her, the Republic would be in a civil war. As a result of the power vacuum that would exist as well as humanity’s leadership inability to work together.

The Senator stood up in a long red robe with a devil’s smile and started in a corrupt voice: I believe that the Magi Order have no regard for Republic law as shown in countless situations. Including...

Enough! I said introduction! the Chancellor ordered.

Everyone collapsed into a world of silence.

To me, she nodded.

I said: My organisation is nothing but loyal to the Republic, and we try to always protect humanity-and if that means accidentally breaks the law, then so be it. We protect you. That is all we want, 

I could tell that no one was accepting that by the looks of shock on their faces.

Now that the boring introductions are over. Let’s begin the interesting political wars. Senator speak your case,

My Lord, I would like to present two witnesses. Two Angels with the first-hand experience of the Magi corruption, the Senator smiled.

As they walked, everyone gasped as a result of they were a part of the Lord Commander’s warrior council as well as they were good friends of mine. They were friends.

I glanced at the Lord Commander.

He smiled.

chapter 4

STARS ARE BRIGHT FIREBALLS that light up space like lights in a cave. Signs of hope and wonder.

At least that’s what Hugo thought of the stars since he was a little boy he wanted to explore the stars. That every night, he saw in high definition from his sandy Homeworld.

Initially, he was going to be a designer due to his family pressuring him. Although, when the Order invaded. Killing his family. He was saved by Garro, and he saw something in this young boy.

Therefore, Garro recruited him to become one of his operatives. Of course, the boy that was Hugo was dead now. Dead with his family. That was a lifetime ago.

For the past year, Garro had sent Hugo to infiltrate the interstellar cabal that was behind many of the Galaxy’s incidents. Only Jeremy, as well as Garro, knew of these terrorists in the shadows. 

Leading us to part of the tale...

Hugo stood proudly upon the bridge of a cabal black blade-like stealth ship. That blended in perfectly to the void.

On the bridge was no one else expect two other Captains of the cabal.

Over the past year- Hugo had been gathering information on the cabal to make the whole Galaxy aware of the cabal. On Garro’s divine orders. 

Why did Jackal send us here? a cold looking man asked; in the corner of the sizeable oval-shaped bridge filled with lots of computers.

Jackal himself commanded our presents, Hugo said, surprised.

Jackal was the code name of the cabal leader.

Yes, Captain Sammy,

Sammy was Hugo cover name. One of a million Garro makes for his operatives.

The ship glided to the left to look upon a rocky purple mining world. With rectangle ships buzzing around like bees in a hive.

‘To all cabal agents, this is Jackal. I’m exiting Slidespace now’ a computerized voice announced.

A slight smile broke out from Hugo. Finally, he could meet the leader of the cabal.

To the right, a massive black hole opened. Coming out of it was a black ship in the shape of a flying saucer. A small Kingfisher zoomed out.

While the Saucer continued towards the bees.

You could hear the ship scream as the Kingfisher docked.

Then it happened.

The automatic doors behind the three Captains opened. To reveal a man in full black Angel armour with a golden rim around the edges.

Everyone kneed.

Stand! The booming disguised voice commanded.

Everyone did.

The black figure continued towards the window.

Go, alpha one.

The Saucer zoomed across the fleet, capturing and picking up certain ships into its vast hulk. Subsequently, it floated away towards the rest of the ships; before it could be detected.

Hugo stared at the figure.

A slight headache came over him.

I can sense your determination to see me, Sammy.

I am just interested sire,

In fact- it was useless to search through all Garro’s operatives’ thoughts because part of their training was to be able to bury their thoughts.

It must have been some limited form of psychic power. Easy enough for an operative to avoid.

I understand. Soon, Son of the cabal, you will know me. The Galaxy will know me.

What will happen to the ships my Lord, a captain said, Hugo couldn’t tell who.

Now their ships are being pumped with a nerve gas so by the time we get back to headquarters. They would have awakened. Afterwards, we will interrogate them, and they will decide their fate. If they swear alliances to me. They live. If not, they will face the beast!

The Beast? Hugo questioned.

Yes, you should... oh yes, you never been to the lair, have you?

Hugo shook his head.

‘I must save them. I must kill this figure, and I must light up the shadows’ Hugo thought to himself.

Set course to the lair. I have a galaxy to destroy and burn in a tidal wave of fear!

With that, a black hole opened to take the fleet into Slidespace.

The Galaxy would know of the figure but would it be for better or for worse?

chapter 5

TWO LONG TORTUROUS hours in Slidespace Garro’s team was in their small Kingfisher.

Most of the team was asleep.

While Garro was in the very futuristic cockpit. To his right was a little disk in which Kortana stood on. In miniature

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